Scottish Watches Podcast #104 : Happy New Year Listeners – Our 2019 Review

Scottish Watches Podcast #104: Happy New Year Listeners – Our 2019 Review

My Ponzi scheme is in full flow and this time I am coming for your pocket money #allthewatches

So welcome Finlay to the world of podcasting and watch collecting, please turn off now unless you want Santa ruined.

Scottish Watches and Bark and Jack

What do you think of my new restaurant idea The “Second time around” eatery?

Shout out to the Tenn & Two Girls and in particular their significant others.

We sort out the cost of Swiss watch shows, combine them with Lent and Ramadan, living costs sorted. You can have that one for free MCH Group.

Then we do a wee review of 2019:

One of our first big interviews was this guy:

Scottish Watches Podcast #07 : Is Rolex Buying Patek? News, Views Plus Special Guest Zach Rego from Watchbox

if you know where he is now do let us know.

and we spent most of the year running from this guy.

Scottish Watches Podcast #23 : Live From Baselworld 2019 With Adrian of Bark and Jack

any suggestions for escape let us know.

This criminal mastermind was on the show, and he will be back on soon…ish

Scottish Watches Podcast #32 : Watch Chat With Jody from YouTube’s Just One More Watch

Then it was spooning time with Nick from Fears.

Scottish Watches Podcast #37 : Insider Stories from Rolex to Fears Watch Company with Nicholas Bowman-Scargill

and one of our bucket list interviews was Ariel Adams from ABTW

Scottish Watches Podcast #40 : With Ariel Adams From ABlogToWatch

or should we say his interview of us.

and we witnessed the birth of #halfwatchtuesday

Scottish Watches Podcast #61 : Watch Chat With The #HalfWatchTuesday Guys

and then it is CID time.

Scottish Watches Podcast #49 : Scotland Yard Watches – The TGV Content Heist

Then it was Episode 50 and the main man Archies turn.

Scottish Watches Podcast #50 : With Archie Luxury – And Its Not What You’d Expect

We are happy to report the rooted rotor is now sorted.

and Christopher Ward from Mike France watches then comes on the show

Scottish Watches Podcast #46 : Chatting With Christopher Ward Watches

then time for a show stopper or at least one of the jokes was…it is time for Oris

Scottish Watches Podcast #42 : The Bear Necessities with Oris Watches

and that was where the Bark and Jack Oris love in began, we can ski to you know!

Then we hit the choobes…


and then everyone hit on Handsome Rob.

Scottish Watches Podcast #69 : Interview with Rob from Grand Seiko

and we got a discount code…. which there is a decent chance still works, so listen to the show

Scottish Watches Podcast #82 : DOXA, Grand Seiko & More at James Porter and Son

Then the show that has so far taken the longest to edit…yup Sophy, we think your shows need to be shorter too…

Scottish Watches Podcast #73 : Sophy Rindler from TOCKR, Second Time Partners and RedBar Miami

and we did a thing…and then had to undo it..and then did it again.

but a warehouse error was nothing in comparison to Tag Heuer

Then we ruined lots of watches.

Then the best laugh, not broadcast…until now!

Scottish Watches Podcast #36 : End Of Week Watch Chat

then it was turncoat Bens turn.

Scottish Watches Podcast #84 : Watch Chat With Ben Hodges from Fratello Watches

closely followed by Ant or Dec from Bremont watches.

Scottish Watches Podcast #88 : Bremont Watch Chat With Co-Founder Nick English

Then we found our new video format.

enjoy the show…and the bagpipes.