Scottish Watches Podcast #50 : With Archie Luxury – And Its Not What You’d Expect

We finally did it, we caught a big one from down under, I am told by others, who shall temporarily remain nameless…….NSOW, was that long enough? that Archie is in fact not Australian as he is from Queensland!

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Either way, we have the “pontiff” for our 50th episode.

Scottish Watches and Edinburgh Watch Company

Welcome to Scottish Watches extreme edition.

Are the Klingons listening, we find out and ask if they know how to fix a broken Patek rotor?

Rikki tells us about permanently borrowing from IWC.

We do a wristwatch check and establish if Archie really did invent it, he promises to credit the real inventors from now on and we also get the full story of where the name Archie Luxury came from!

If you would like to get either of us more popular in our work please send booze to where we work.

I then discover that Archie collected model trains, stuff this watch collecting business now we are talking.

Archie appears to have had quite the vintage Rolex collection at one stage but has given that up for modern Rooolllleeexxxx

If Archie was a colour and a car it would be this, Mission Brown Morris Marina.

Then it is TGV time, you will need to listen, no spoilers here.