News : June Market Prices Up 4.9%

So we have moved from doing a weekly analysis to a  monthly one for now.


The end of May saw the market standing at:

Grey : 1220.25 and Used : 1191.34

So what has happened in the last 4 weeks?

Well, it will come as no surprise that the market has continued to climb outstripping virtually every other asset except Bitcoin, so take from that what you will.

Scottish Watches and Edinburgh Watch Company

The Grey Index now stands at 1289.74 up 69.48 and the Used now stands at 1239.64 up 48.3.

So the Grey market continues to rise faster than the Used but within the watches, we track there is quite some variety.

A number of models have stagnated and even fallen slightly in the last month among them all varieties of AP15400 anything by Tudor and even, yes maybe the end is nigh, the Ceramic Daytona.


However, this flatlining is all turned to irrelevant by the continuing performance of anything with the word “Submariner” or “GMT” when combined with the word Rolex.

All still climbing and at a frankly stupid rate, and surely at some point unsustainably, especially when you consider some of the prices demanded are rapidly approaching the price demands on precious metal Rolex like the Smurf.

In amongst all the Rolex gouging, one other watch for reasons that are not entirely clear to me is the Patek 5711 which has taken a massive leap in the last month. Now there are not of lot of these noted for sale on the internet so it may be that we are just seeing a very limited supply with a few priced at well over what the market can bear, impacting the average and if that is the case we will see this market adjust down quite quickly as dealers see stock not shifting.

So where will the market go in the next month?

We are now starting to see deliveries of the new “Batgirl” Rolex GMT master 2 and these are appearing at some extraordinary price points. These figures are not yet factoring into our analysis as supply is minuscule, but it will start to impact the numbers soon and the question is will this stop the seemingly never-ending climb of the Batman or will both continue on the rise.

We will soon see.



Images from #halfwatchtueday @ticks_and_sticks and @barkandjack and from @mr.c.mojo Scottish Watches article here ,because it is always important to give credit!