Scottish Watches Podcast #51 : The Two Ricks Go Ultra Deep

Phew, been a bit of a busy week, and we have not even opened the lawyer’s letters that are piling up at the door of Scottish Watches Towers.

Calm returns after the whirlwind that was AC3, but no rest for the wicked.

Speaking of which Paul Thorpe has returned to the tubes asking for money….does Archie have competition?

Scottish Watches and Fears Watch Company

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So Patreon of the Jocks?

Fantasy watch of the week, The Rolex 116400 Polar Milguass, just the right matching partner for the Polar 16570 Explorer 2.

We then have an argument about mathematicians and Invicta, don’t be a watch snob now!

Shout out to @katlenschmidt for winning the Horology Talk for June with a #halfwatchtuesday shot.

We ask is Bobby Kumar related somehow to Kal Penn, and yes that means we take a detour to the Scottish Watches Film show and that leads to this show from Amazon, This Giant Beast That Is Global Economy

where a very interesting discussion on counterfeiting is present and reminds Rikki of this.

The 70-year-old retiree who became America’s worst counterfeiter

Other big beasts this week are new Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Professional, a nice picture below and you can read full details here.

And are Omega really celebrating the moon landing more than NASA are?

Another shout out for Gun Zap check that channel out, very well done sir also a shout out to Tony and Luke from Clockbait nice car….lol.

Ford v Ferrari, yup chat about another film we don’t know enough about, but check the trailer, start queueing now.

A Lange & Sohne are now in Scotland and at Chisholm Hunter in Edinburgh, go and spend your pennies, but give us a chance to at least see one before you by them all, although Brian Duffy from WoS group can now “buy all the watches” and now you can invest in Rolex without having to wait in line to actually buy one.

You can also “invest” in new Fears watch the day of this podcast release. Only 100 release at the “same” price as the original. £483. Splendid.

Sotheby’s has also been in the news as it has been sold to a private investor and Watches.TV celebrates a milestone.

Sam, you need to settle an argument. Just leave us a note in the comments section.

Enjoy the show.