Scottish Watches Podcast #36 : End Of Week Watch Chat

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Rikki has had a hard weekend for a watch media personality, turns out gin makes him forgetful, but not forgetful enough to forget some truly awful music he was listening to this past weekend, no gospel choirs were injured in the making of this podcast.

You should, however, check out Scottish Watches listener @edwin_mclachlan and his band (because t is always the drummer’s band) Half Formed Things new Album due out towards the end of May.

Scottish Watches and Edinburgh Watch Company

And then we take a detour to some conspiracy theories…including

But it is not a conspiracy that you cannot hum a tune while holding your nose.

A new watch on the wrist from Sangin Instruments, but full review some other time.

We cannot write the next bit down, but it involves extortion.

Rikki’s wrist check – buy it now, help Jody out! –

Then we talk watches, but only after we talked Bond, James Bond. RIP Roger Moore. Again.

Then we get to talk Volvos…yipee.

This is the Volvo you want.

we then talk Scottish!!…we are Scottish, that what we are supposed to sound like…if you could just learn to spell check your DMs that would be fine…..

…and now our regular feature, where I know nothing and you shout at the radio!!

This is Ariel Adams


This is an Ariel Atom

This is Atom Moore

Ok so I promised you some watch content some paragraphs ago, here it comes:

Watches of Switzerland getting listed.

Uk buys loads of watches pre Christmas, yup Hodinkee we spoke about that weeks ago but you missed the best bit that watch sales at the same time have crashed, and one of the biggest retailers is about to list, join the dots folks.

We then talk Rolex, are us geeks all really just kidding ourselves about the desirability of Rolex sports watches.

Then it is G-Shocks turn. With some limited edition releases.

Rikki has his own reverse Downfall (we know it is called Fall Down, Downfall is about Hitler!!) moment at McDonalds.

And we give you our ultimate YouTube watch clonkers…

Watch the guy on the left and the warning at 44seconds which gets completely ignored.

But it has not been the only car crash this week, Hour Time Podcast is back, but taking its time to refind its feet.

Finally, we need to name the “gate”….. send us your suggestions in the comments.

A Luxury BJ “gate” is not acceptable.

Give us the name so we can add it here.

Thanks for listening