Scottish Watches Podcast #82 : DOXA, Grand Seiko & More at James Porter and Son

We return to the scene of many a Scottish Watch crime the Argyll Arcade and are joined by Simon Porter and Employee of the Month Allan.

I get a gift which turns out to have been unboxed already, but something fresh out the box is the new in-store presentation from anOrdain, including our favourite the “sweety wrapper” dial, ok its fume….oh get you

Scottish Watches and Fears Watch Company

you want one of these now don’t you?

We continue to work on the basis of asking forgiveness rather than permission, DM us for  UK postcode.

This is now sold out.

We tap our fingers waiting for this, does it arrive in time for the show?

Wrist check, employee of the month is wearing a Doxa, Sub 300, Rikki is wearing something whose name we shall not give mention too, Simon has Muhle Glashutte, and I have an anOrdain on, honestly.

Movie references, Sahara, Interstellar and Wolf of Wall Street, do you know anyone else that does it like Matthew McConaughey?

Onto some more Doxa. The Sub 200 T-Graph.

and the 1200T

Having tried them on I can report they are both phenomenally comfortable.

We then talk Seiko the check out our most recent article here

We thought we understood the ranges but it looks like everything is now being mixed around, the great news is you can come in and see them all soon at the shop and Simon will explain it all to you.

Do we now have three or even four branches of Seiko?

Movement makers for the microbrand industry, Seiko 5, Seiko and Grand Seiko.

The Seiko 5 stocks are low but we think these ones may hang around a bit longer….

Looking forward to loaning this Grand Seiko for the Hodinkee x Redbar x GS event next week.

where we will also get to see this.

we then take a look at something a bit different, lovely stuff, even with the bent hands…..

and we are all just waiting for this to arrive, limited to 130, about half of them appear to be in Scotland.

Enjoy the show.