Scottish Watches Podcast #32 : Watch Chat With Jody from YouTube’s Just One More Watch

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Confusion reigns as we simultaneously speak Aussie, Scottish while dealing in U.S Dollars as we are joined by Jody from Just One More Watch, who immigrated right before he was lifted in Ardrossan for trading in “magic beans” and for being an Aberdeen Fan in the west coast of Scotland.

Scottish Watches and TOCKR Watches

Rikki puts his Friday night disco social life on hold to speak across the timezones to Jody in Oz.

We talk “dollar dazzlers” and Jody shows off his memory of Omega-like length watch issue numbers.

No one ever has a bad word to say about Jody……until now “Just one more Casio” it is.

From the Sydney Opera House to Mr “X” we get the story from TGV all the way to Scottish Watches, but no worries Adrian is taking Jody’s place in the Scottish Watch pantheon.

We then share all our first world problems, with watches and watch collecting but we all agree that we love Archie.

We discuss what it is like being sent so many watches for review and how Jody’s reviews can really impact the sale and design of future watches.

Forget about your “wristwatch checks” etc we invent the “audio lume shot” with a watch from Dundee, and discuss other Scottish watches, and exchanging brown paper bags in George Square.

But in all his experience which micro brand should we embrace and which should we ignore? And why have we yet to get any free watches, when everyone else seems to be getting them sent to them left right and centre.

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