Scottish Watches Podcast #73 : Sophy Rindler from TOCKR, Second Time Partners and RedBar Miami

Today it is the Sophy Rindler show, Rikki and I simply light the blue touch paper and retreat to a safe distance.

First up we do fix Sophys phone. Sophy has been avoiding Rikki for some time but no longer.

We talk Baselworld and SIHH, will the full two week run next year have actual casualties, Ariel Adams is all sorted for the effort, the Three Kings will be drunk dry, especially if the Glasgow contingent get stuck in.

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Sophy “Swindler” has a rather unusual route into watches via medicine, plastic surgery, and a Venezuelan neighbour….oh yeah and via grand larceny!

Once a thief always a thief.  We have told Miami Modern Luxury

This led to a fake and a relationship ending watch gift. We are contemplating adding all these stories to Sophys Linkedin Profile.

We are sure her pal JCB will be delighted to be associated.

However, we know Adam associates with all sort of dodgy people.

We talk timing as far as introducing a new high-end watch brand and the development of her partnership with Austin from Austin to set up Tockr.

Part of her journey was via this guy and this watch


We chat about the creation of the Watches Art Gallery, but there was a problem. Art is great, watches are great, but you need to sell them to put food on the table.

Then onto Tockr and what now does put money on the table, the very much aviation-themed Tockr watches and discover just how difficult it is to set up a brand from scratch.

Sophy also runs Redbar Miami and we want to twin it with Redbar Glasgow, Rikki however was more concerned/distracted about something else Sophy said, see if you can spot what!

Enjoy the show!