Scottish Watches Podcast #49 : Scotland Yard Watches – The TGV Content Heist

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Its heist time, we talk about copyright theft and finally for Rikki Tinder has consequences, unfortunately, they are for me!

So no need to go over the whole TGV thing we have plenty of articles here about it, but you might like this we meta, meta snippet.

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and now for the dinosaur.

More stolen content without permission or even a thrown in credit reported by Bratis Tofeles … (from 3:30)

Lifted directly from the good folks at Monochrome Watches –

So where now for all of this…

just remember the internet remembers,

so we suggest “gonney no dae that….” and especially not to Redbar members

But you need to check this guy/girl, it is not me honest.

Then some watch content, my fantasy watch this week the Zenith Doublematic, ABTW review of it for reference, thats reference TGV!

Then some Hodinkee and ABTW news

…and then Rikki has a historic copyright issue haunt him after 2 years, but like all good detectives, he keeps meticulous notes (screenshots and full message conversations) …

Enjoy the show and keep the confidential tips coming!