Scottish Watches Podcast #37 : Insider Stories from Rolex to Fears Watch Company with Nicholas Bowman-Scargill

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The Round Table episode number 37.

He is a very English man on our very Scottish podcast.

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We give you our No4, Nicholas Phillip Edward Bowman-Scargill, MD of Fears Watch Company.

We then talk Spoons, well Rikki and Nicholas, do…they are Cochlearists to some but apparently Spoon Collectors are just called Spoon Collectors, so dull they could not even give it a fun collecting name, sounds about right!

The spoilers are not now bleeped out, though we didn’t know Nicholas hadn’t seen  End Game yet.

Then it is time for some Fears watches chat and how on earth you end up setting up a watch company.

From the family history, via working in PR and an apprenticeship with Rolex to finally reading Tim Mosso: Watchmaking for Dummies forward by Archie Luxury.

But did you know that Fears set all watches to 29 and Rolex to 28, find out why, and how about some great tips for getting a job with Rolex, listen very carefully.


Nicholas tells us that he left Rolex QC of his own volition to do Fears Watch Co full time….we have our doubts that it may not have been entirely under his own steam, maybe a particularly serious mistake heralded his exit.

It turns out that Rolex employees get just as excited about Rolex nicknames as the rest of us, but do not under any circumstances use the names in Rolex buildings, and look out for those quiet Rolex employees lurking on the Rolex forums.

But Nicks own watches don’t yet have nicknames of their own, got any suggestions?

Do we really want faster horses…hell yes! but do we really want a Fears Dive watch, yes please, but there is a great reason why it will never happen unless someone has a hit out on Nicholas, but what a sacrifice it would be.

We have some great discussion about the merits of in house and bought in movements in low volume watches, and about just how much work goes into a Fears watch and the difference between batch and stock production, and what the golden pipette on the movement means.

What exactly does made in Switzerland or made in Britain really mean?

Well to find out all that great stuff tune in.


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