News : TAG…Your Hit………Has Been Worldwide Recalled

So I get a message this morning from a listener @koolpep.


So I have a look first a and follow the link to the Isograph, and what do i find.


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The watch that T3 gave the best in show for 2019 had disappeared.

So onwards to the Tag website. more Mystery, The Autavia is there, but only the automatic, not the Isograph, the one that has made it ways forward to the GPHG finals with the fancy carbon composite hairspring…could it be that the hairspring is not quite as “composed” as it needs to be in real-world situations?

A phone call to another AD and yup, they tell me the watch has been subject to a worldwide recall, and worth noting that there is now not a single image on @tagheuer on Instagram of the Isograph since its Baselworld launch, was there posts that have been removed or have they really said nothing about this watch since March?!?

Let’s wait and see if anyone knows why.

UPDATE : now being told that the whole movement is being chaged to the Calibre 5 so the Isograph is no more and the Chronograph may be completely discontinued