Scottish Watches Podcast #69 : Interview with Rob from Grand Seiko

This week Rikki interviews Handsome Rob from Grand Seiko (the one on the right).


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Rikki made it all the way to Edinburgh to meet Handsome Rob while quaffing Chisholm Hunters Champagne and watching the fireworks display on some derelict old building in Edinburgh City Center.

Rob also runs YouTube channel WatchWise, so if you want to see how handsome he is in 4K moving picture you can check him out there.

An unusual show start this week, with two birthday shoutouts, one to @firstjoninspace the other to @katlenschmidt, and then to make matters worse I am not in this show…:(

Hope you both have a great time, and of course, don’t forget to send us bits of cake and of course presents for our birthdays when they come to the equivalent value of a Scottish Watches Podcast shout out, which is obviously worth thousands.

Handsome Rob channelling the Omega watch naming rules is sporting a SBGJ203…the black one.

Apparently the owner of Seiko is on the lookout for some sons in law if anyone wants to apply, for the gig as Handsome Rob is taken already.

Handsome Rob dispels some rumours about Grand Seiko servicing and are Grand Seiko now starting to get a grip on the world of disappointed Rolex queue waiters.

The OG

Handsome Rob gives us a great potted history of the whole Grand Seiko, King Seiko competition and a potted tech lesson on just what Spring Drive is.

It has been a good year for GS and the missing brands from Baselworld appears to have helped greatly

The SBGY003 More Here

The Credor Eichi II More Here




Grand Seiko 8 Day SBGD201 and 202

Now for something a bit different a decimal Minute Repeater.

Have a look at the website for the full range. Here

Some of the slightly cheaper GS episodes, but all very cool.

This is Adrian pre-drinks mugshot, he was later found on a Park bench in Princess Street Gardens, might still be there.

Some fireworks…. 

Enjoy the show