Scottish Watches Podcast #84 : Watch Chat With Ben Hodges from Fratello Watches

May he rest in peace….hold on….nope…definitely still here, at least for the show notes at any rate.

Ben joins Rikki this week, while I get my lung operation.

First up some Baselworld stories from how Ben and Rikki met. They give my favourite brand (at least for this episode) Breitling a kicking, have you spotted the differences in what they said they would release v what they actually released.

Martins of Glasgow Watch Servicing and Repair

They recorded at the Grand Seiko X Hodinkee event with Jack Forster and James Stacey, while Ben left his wife to have dinner with @Floatlite…..give it 9 months…that is all I am saying.

We do a #KatlenPose with the main man Handsome Rob….honestly take the menu away and we are twins.

Ben gives us a potted history of his media career so far, now moving down from the pinnacle of his career here down to Fratello watches, just make sure you are carrying all your watch receipts Ben, find out why here .

This is always an option worth considering for future Fratello assignments.

Ben then apologies for criticising our previous audio quality, he is very very very sorry everyone.

He then apologies on behalf of Omega for all their limited editions, except for the OG Bond quartz Seamaster.

Floatlite owns one btw.



Eventually, they remember to do wrist checks, see they miss me really.

Now for some chat about the Grand Seiko X Hodinkee event and the whole RedBar thing.

And to finish the future with Fratello….he is going exclusive….be like that then.

Enjoy the show