Scottish Watches Podcast #25 : BaselWorld Roundup Part 2 – Plus The Hardest Worker At The Show

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It really is Episode 25 this time or is it BJ2 or KS3?

It is time for Rikki to snigger a lot, and we ask why on earth do watch companies not update their websites at the same time as they launch a new product (Rikki here – because they dont want to annoy customers wanting products now that will appear in 6 months you bawbag, I told you this).

Scottish Watches and Bark and Jack

We talk more Baselworld and try to avoid any further chat of Rolex or Tudor, but instead talk, Bulova, Squale and all things Seiko plus many more.

We continue to argue about who will get their Zenith delivered first, Me from Chisholm Hunter or Rikki from Rox, though Rikki decides to sleep with two Chisholm Hunter employees in order to increase his chances but gets banned from the hotel as a result.

We discuss wearing Kilts to Basel 2020, while Rikki discovers he was not the worst dressed man at 2019.

Rikki photobombs Chronondo and gets all the credit from him on his Instagram page…

We do actually talk about the Zenith watch we are both getting…

And the one they have now released that we would really like instead, I am sure Rikkis new pal Julien will do us both a solid with a free upgrade from the Inventor to the carbon double tourbillon instead.

We give out some consumer advice regarding taking watches through customs if only the Fratello watches crew listed to our podcast they would have had enough money to buy a Tudor P01, on second thoughts Swiss customs are as well having the money instead.

We proposition Wei Koh while drunk to appear on the podcast, though we accept no responsibility for his broken wrist.

Dogs playing poker watch creator –

That turbine blade watch Rikki mentions

The Bulova Accutron featuring in The Secret Life of Machines episode all about watches and clocks …

Casio / G-Shock black ball Rikki and we wonder just what Seiko are doing with their pricing strategy while Rikki gets to see one of Rick’s dream watches the – Konstantin Chaykin Joker, and speaks to a man from China who was in a New York paper.

And finally, Rikki gives big props to the hardest working person at BaselWorld 2019!

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