Scottish Watches Podcast #177 : AP, CW, GS and More

Scottish Watches Podcast #177 : AP, CW, GS and More Plus Rick Nearly Dies

We start off with this for timing eggs

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not as good as this for grilling steaks.

Then this : 2.05 is the point you want

I think me and Norm should have our own show.

Then some Bezel action from Citizen

Then AP, but have a read of this first

But this is very nice.

We really like these completely unwearable watches.

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Then this from Grand Seiko.

Then Art moment of the week.

Then Some F P Journe…cant tell you anything about it….cause i need sugar.

Check out this weeks SWL.

and Rikkis clock


I am not convinced about this.

but this I love and no one is speaking about it.

Then it is time for 52 card pickup!!! thanks to @theseersplayingcards

Then have a read all about Hanhart

Shall we buy Adam a present?

Enjoy the show