Watch Review : The Grill Timer – You Knew We Would!

Little Griddle – Grill timer


What is it !? By the looks of it, it’s styled after a modern Rolex Submariner case. Not to worry though this isn’t trying to be yet another sub knockoff – that will become evident shortly. Bare with me and let me walk you through the extensive list of specifications the Grill Timer is furnished with. 

 The case, as far as dimensions go: 40mm wide with 20mm lug width. High polish everywhere with the exception of the top of the lugs which are ever so slightly brushed. The dial: basically a rough homage to the submariner as far as hour markers and handset goes, except that the second hand is finished in a deep red colour to match the black and red aesthetic of the bezel. We’ll get to that later. Light lume application on the hour markers and the handset alike. Very light. On the dial beneath the 12 o’clock triangle hour marker, you’ll find the Grill Timer logo. 

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 Above the 6 o’clock a two-line inscription saying Grill Timer TM Sauce Resistant. This is what grabbed my attention. With such claims.. testing will surely be required even if it’s only for the sake of getting messy with a variety of condiments. Moving on. The crown is embossed with the Little Griddle logo and finished in high polish. Simple push-pull crown for adjusting the day of the month and placing the hour and minute hands where you desire. On the back: a screw-down case back featuring the Grill Timer logo and some watch specifications embossed.


 The finishing is both high polish and perhaps some type of media blasted application to create contrast and ease of legibility.  The inscription reads “ LITTLE GRIDDLE JAPAN MOVT QUARTZ STAINLESS STEEL 1ATM WATER RESISTANT “ This should tell you essentially that this particular timepiece isn’t designed to be submerged in anything. Maybe sauce since it’s fairly viscous, but certainly not in anything that could wash away said sauce… like water.  

 The strap.. a thick and rugged black, grey, and red striped two-piece nato with oval hardware finished by someone just coming off of meth. 

 Pressing on. The mineral crystal does not appear to have any anti-reflective treatment applied to it but it does feature a Rolex styled cyclops to magnify the day of the month, which it does imperceptibly. 

The bezel, oh this clever, impossibly fun and ludicrous practical bezel. It, to me, is the star of the show. The bezel insert features foods that you would grill instead of say 12hour markers or your standard dive time bezel. The various foods come with an associated grill time marking showing you how long the item should stay on the grill.  It even features the done-ness of the food in a gradient form. The associated line for that food turns redder as to indicate the grilling progress of the item – concluding in a well-done state. Just align your minute hand with the start of the bar associated with the food you’re grilling. It’s that simple. Now you can track the cooking process. 

 The grilling foods on the bezel are as followers: New York strip, beef kabob, hamburger, portobello, porterhouse, salmon, chicken breast and shrimp! The bezel as you’d imagine is unidirectional so you don’t unintentionally over grill your food. The fun doesn’t stop there! No. No. The entire bezel is offset from the centre to the left of the watch. There is an overhang so that your greasy fingers can grip it well. The clicks sound like they mean business. Firm distinct clicks. Does it have backplay you might ask, Sure! For you, anything.  You might also ask.. is that a 60 or 120 click bezel? No, it’s 70! How do I know? I counted it!  

Ok, it’s not a high-quality piece – but looks ok.  Is it for a watch guy? No. It is, however; a good gift for someone that likes to grill and have a beer. It’s fun and light-hearted and it’s great for the guy that doesn’t actually need a watch but he’ll wear it because he got it as a gift. It’s a conversation piece. It’s a reason to smile. It’s a tangible countdown timer to let you know when it’s finally time to sit down with family & friends for a hot meal and enjoy each other’s company.


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