Scottish Watches Podcast #85 : With New Co-Host Dick, Rick’s Evil Twin

Nae luck the deadpool is not paying out, but at least it go rid of that Orange strap of Rikkis.

Reports from the Hodinkee X Grand Seiko X Redbar event.

Handsome Rob sort of enjoyed himself

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

I was a good boy and resisted buying both of these, good decision?

Tudor Black Bay Chrono from Mappin and Webb

and this Doxa from James Porter

Rikki wore this to the event.

and I won’t even bother saying what I was wearing.

It is then time for the postman to call, the first time around just some batteries.

Then an idea for my Alpinist…any takers..sorry buyers…


after last week’s chat, we note that Sinn also does oil-filled.

Rikki is going to a watch show in Rugby, you can meet Rikki… just avoid that show then.

#watchwave #spinyerwatch #allthewatches #rickiswrong

make sure you check out this latest video from @barkandjack if for no other reason than to appreciate the colour scheme.

You will now notice that despite Rikki saying I am wrong about everything #rickiswrong he refuses to take me up on my 15-year plan…roll on 22nd Oct 2034…I hope my kids enjoy it.

Have you checked our Hodinkee X Grand Seiko night video yet?

SIHH is now Watches and Wonders Geneva…and the price is through the roof…and then the postman comes again….

and this time it is something very fancy from Fears but we can say no more about it.

Some unfortunate news from Attra watches who have suspended production


Now time to announce our first event….which is something like Mappin and Webb X Tudor X Redbar X Scottish Watches. it will be on the 7th of Nov in Glasgow so keep the date free.

Find this bit on the home page and give us your contact details

#drinkingsandwiches #actfast

I will be the one with the box on my head.

then it is watch of the week time…a clear winniner…literally winner winner chicken dinner.

a truly cute and adorable watch.

When Rikki returns from his fancy dress weekend we are recording a very special episode with @tenn&two

See... I do know something…not much..but a little

It is true Adrian and I did just have coffee, much more fun.

finally this is the bits you are looking for to select so you see all the posts.



Enjoy the show