#Halfwatchtuesday Week 29: Base Elements

Things are getting exciting in HWT towers, last week unbeknown to us we hit our 6 month milestone, yes that’s correct if we were a person we would be able to sit up but still need nappies lest we crap everywhere. We also did our 1000th repost, quite amazing to think of how many epic entries we get (in fact this week I think we hit our highest number) so all credit goes to you guys.

You might recall a few weeks back I wrote about online exclusives, last week I received such a watch, one that I had coveted for quite a while; the Halios Seaforth. Owner satisfaction and likelihood of sale is two factors I look to when I think about purchasing a watch which I will not have the chance of seeing. Anyone who has a Seaforth is usually glowing about the piece which commands at least their original price on the pre-owned market.

And so the Seaforth became a coveted piece for me, the only issue was there were unlikely to be any stainless steel versions for at least until 2020. Available in the near future however was the bronze version The B.

I like to play it safe with the base metal of my watches so I was reasonably torn with putting my name down on the lottery list (how the watches are allocated). Stainless steel is safe but also beautiful, it’s classic so doesn’t ever have to worry about being in or out of fashion, which it can be argued, it has the sole privilege of (with respect to the metals we see watches made of).

I remember many saying rose gold watches were here to stay. In the humble opinion of this writer, rose gold was a trend which had it’s day and will no doubt return. Trends come and go, much like we are seeing in two tone, once a stable in the 80s, now making a comeback but derided in between.

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My apprehension regarding the bronze as a base element is similar, is it here to stay or more likely just a trend that will peak then ebb away. I have looked a many a bronze watch but baulked at buying. Not only is there the trend aspect but also this is a material that will patina over time, so I have no idea how it will look in the future.

You see the dilemma; however I could not pass up the chance of the Seaforth. Even as the parcel sat in front of me, I was unsure how I’d feel about it. On opening I had a feeling similar to Samuel L Jackson when he peered into that briefcase in Pulp fiction. The Bronze has a lustre and awe about it that cannot be matched by anything in my collection. The look is more of an antique champagne gold rather than the pinky-red we are accustomed to thanks to the Aluminum Nickel variety of bronze used.

A realisation came over me. Materials such as bronze and rose gold might not be the staple of your collection but they can add a different dimension that the stainless-steel versions won’t. Just for those days you want to wear something different and stand out that little bit more. And should they stay in your collection for the long term they act as a fine reminder of your journey through this great hobby.

Bronze watches featured heavily on this most busy of Halfwatchtuesdays so it seems an apt place to start our top picks.

It gives us great pleasure to introduce @raz121165 into the top picks for the first time. Raz is a halfwatchtueday stalwart, submitting multiple shot per week, each time upping his quality. This week he has reached a zenith (well a Bremont) with this perfectly symmetrical submission. Raz we salute you, guys like you make HWT.

(Editors note: he is also rather well known in certain circles for is morning DM’s Nuff said…of whatever that is in German)

One thing we love at HWT is seeking accounts push the boat out and show increasing creativity. You might recall @bezelfella’s epic camera phone post, well he’s comeback with a new and improved version with double the horological pleasure.

You will know we love a mash up, they can be maddening, so we know the attention that has gone into one as perfect as this from our friends @timetotalk_watches…Bellissimo.

We love a case back shot, sometimes its hard to capture the true beauty of a movement. However, no such problems for @chap_man_ed who shows of the beautiful Ferdinand Berthoud Tourbillon.

Oh @dianaevansillustration, so close to that massive four weeks in a row, you will have to console yourselves with the equally remarkable four in five weeks, with this rather raunchy Batman/Catwoman encounter.

Not to be outdone by her pal we welcome @katlen.watches.life back and with a new name….the question is does he love her?

(editors note/question, does it count if she has changed her name….how do we know its the same person?)

@Jbmjbm0 has an epic collection and knows how to to show it off on instagram. We loved this glass half full shot of the Nodus contrail. See much more of Nodus and other enthusiast brands at this weekends Wind Up fair in NYC (our favourite watch show of the year)

Finally, we don’t usually showcase our own shots but I have final say this week so I’m going to put in my HWT partner Nic who has had the misfortune of getting moisture into his Speedy CK (any one who says serves him right for getting a non-waterproof watch shame on you…😊). He will be without his beloved for a while, we hope it’s back soon. Its leaves us with this epic Thanos inspired shot.

Shout outs

We are so pleased to welcome @traskawatch to Halfwatchtuesday. We have been admirers for quite some time and love the looks of the new Summiteer which will be hitting Kickstarter on 28th Oct and is sure to be a huge hit.

We love a vintage inspired Dive watch so are delighted to shout out @weartimelocker with their Time locker, which looks totally awesome with vintage hues of classic divers of the past and is live on Kickstarter now

We like a good leather strap, we love an amazing leather strap which is what you get from @pertpeutalwatchlover. Check out his instagram if you have the need for something a bit special.

That’s a wrap folks. We motor on to new milestones and ventures. We were really delighted with our first #watchdeciderday where you all helped @the_time_keepers_wrist decide which watch to go for next. If you are stuck between two watches shoot us a DM and we’d be happy to dedicate a day of stories to you. Until next Tuesday we will be glued to @windupwatchfair to see what cool new pieces our favourite brands come up with