Birth Year Watches: Rainbows End Or Fool’s Errand?

It appears that all the interesting things that are happening in the world of horology at the moment aren’t happening to me, but obviously that doesn’t make it any less interesting. On the contrary, it’s actually giving me more varied topics of conversation. Such as this week’s topic for example. So, a bit of background on the topic. So, @jackrandom_1987 this week finally completed a decade long quest to commandeer a Seiko 6309 not only from the year of his birth but also the month (looks very cool I have to say, definitely head over to his page and check it out).

So, as always this got me thinking as to the concept behind birth year watches and if they are indeed worth the inevitable time and energy spent on finding them. I’ve never really thought about this to be fair up until this point and the thought now intrigues me. The million-dollar question has to be: what watch will I get? Now anyone who knows @jackrandom_1987 knows that if he was going to get such a watch, it was always going to be a Seiko. But where do you get it from? What condition would one expect or settle for? I guess this isn’t a whole lot different than looking at purchasing any other non-new watch, but I guess these questions become a little more relevant for such a purchase.

So, what would I get? Short answer is that I have no idea. There could be something nice about having a slightly banged up 35yr old Speedmaster Professional or would I want something slightly more elegant, a Datejust for example. Or even something that could be perceived as vintage in today’s era, a JLC Quartz even. Who knows, the possibilities can be relatively endless, although in my case, if I was wanting such a watch, I think I’d go more classy or dressy, like a JLC or a DJ, as it would be more of a ‘special occasion’ watch.

I’m interested to know what you, the #watchfam would get or indeed have gotten that fills this birth year criteria. So, as always, answers on a postcard….

Straight into top pics this week and as much as we know the new Tudor BB58 has been getting all the attention recently, the GMT is still such a fine watch. Just look at @peter2704 shot to prove it to yourself!

Scottish Watches and Bark and Jack

If there was such an honorary third member of the HWT brand, then @aggressivetiminghabits would be it. Not only for his vigorous love of the hashtag 😉 but also for shots like the one of his OP. Just wonderful.

More Tudor love this time from @mack.jamie showing off just how lovely that Harrod’s green really is!

Goodspeed is not a brand I have to admit I know an awful lot about, but after seeing how @onehundredtwentyclicks shows one off, I have to say I’m impressed! Sweet shot buddy!

We’ve certainly missed @ot_watches and his unique perspective on HWT shots. This week’s submission is no different, a quite lovely Tudor GMT capture.

Now as much as the thought of even considering Christmas when we are only in July just boggles me, I have to admit that @girlslikewatchestoo submission had me almost in the Christmas spirit! Brilliant shot Chel!

I do love a contrasty shot, as I’m sure you’ve all heard me say once or twice. but @wabisabimaster takes it to a new level, with a quite stunning shot of his 16713. Breathtaking.

We love @firstjoninspace antics here, he definitely seems to be the preverbal life of the Instagram party. Especially when he submits such gems involving arguably the two most sought after things. That being watches and coffee 🙂 Love the shot chief!

It’s something that we don’t see a lot of here on HWT and that is the bottom half of the watch, which is a shame, because personally I love the bottom half of a watch. So, seeing shots like those from @jbmjbm0 of his GS Quartz really just makes us go ‘awwwwww’

And finally, a little flecto goes a long way. Just check out @high_times2020 for how it’s to be done! Stunning shot!

A couple of shoutouts to do this week, which we are always happy about. Now if you are in the know, especially across the pond, then @topperjewelers is a name you’d synomisze with not only quality but also passion for all things horological. I hear nothing but great things about them from folk I chat to in the States and if we ever did a HWT does USA then a trip to Toppers would be high on the list!

Another place that we’d definitely be keen on visiting would be that of @windupwatchshop. Through their affiliation with Worn and Wound, the guys and girls over at Windup really need no introduction both in their experience and in their respective knowledge about watches. And it is this expertise that has helped countless watch afficandos with said purchase decisions. Thanks for all the support guys!

And, once again, it seems our time has come to an end. We’ll have our next live review with @aevig in the near future, so stay tuned for that.

Up until that time, keep yourself and those whom you love safe.

Yours in horology