Scottish Watches Podcast #86 : The Postman Knocks Twice

It will soon be Halloween but this is not our Halloween Episode.

Does anyone remember pipes the ghost?

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

Rikki is still wearing the Bulova.

We are getting ready to sponsor the speaking clock…dial 0898 1159 1159

Hodinkee have been at it again this time with an “attainable” limited edition list, including some Tags, which leads us on nicely to our Isograph update


That applies to you too Zenith Inventor builders.

New Tag…yup it is in that photo somewhere.

and another new watch which you can read a Scottish Watches review of here.


We will not go into depth on the ALS this episode but all we will say is Fortis F43

Postman Time.

This time it is one of these. #audiounboxing #audiolumeshot

Then it is book time, lots of Rolex not very many Fields.

Then we talk Swatch…..and then stop before it gets obscene, unlike the Daily Mirror

This is not the first.

If you have never seen this you need to watch it.

Shall we try and #mansplain watches to Bremont…Is Mike France Available?

Watchfinder are making waves in Glasgow so “watch” this space…sorry

Now it is your turn to fake some stuff #fakeunboxings

So send us your unboxing videos and we will put them on either our Youtube Channel or if it is not very good like this…….

on our facebook group.

Enjoy the show