Scottish Watches Podcast #221 : Starting A Watch Brand with Kyle Schut of Straton and Signum Watches

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Scottish Watches podcast, episode 221. We got Rick back and he pronounced the name of our guest correctly. Today for his first interview with us we have Kyle Schut of Straton of Signum Watches (@stratonwatchcompany). A former Scottish resident and worker at British Gas as a salesperson to the very interesting journey of how he got to Switzerland and how he started his watch company.

From a failed business in South Africa, he started Straton watches in 2015 through Kickstarter, inspired by his love for chronographs and cars which still drives the design of the company to this day.

But one watch company was not enough.

Scottish Watches and Fears Watch Company

He launched Signum Watches (@signumwatches) to appeal to a larger customer base, as this brand focusses on dive watches with stunning dials. All his watches, on both companies are at a very affordable price point, so you can probably find a good number of reviews on JOMW (@justonemorewatch) YouTube channel.

As always when there is a guest and Rick joins us, there will always be interruptions.

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Desperate Dan statue

Wrist check:

Kyle Schut is wearing a Straton DLC curve chrono.

The watch we have with us is the brown version of what Kyle is wearing.

Rick is wearing the thing that is keeping him alive, the apple watch. His fantasy wrist check is the Straton synchro purple. He is also enamored with the red one because it reminds him of the red used in the Tag 1000. Which one do you prefer?

Rikki didn’t seem to be willing to share what he was wearing. If it was Rick, we could imagine him wearing his Panerai, but since it is Rikki tell us in the comments what watch from his collection do you think he is wearing.


These are some of the color variants, so visit the Signum website see the full color ranges of the Signum Cuda


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Visit the @signumwatches to see more amazing dials.

Forged Carbon dial infused with LUME.

Back to Straton:

Straton Yacht Racer

Competition driver. More color ways in the Straton website.


Thank you so much for listening. Follow Kyle @stratonwatchcompany, @signumwatches, and on their face book groups. Remember to also follow us on all of our social media platforms and subscribe to Scottish Watches, Scottish Watches Live, and Scottish Watches unboxed for more content.

Show Notes By @misael_051