It Is A Moser – Of Course It Is Cool – Endeavour Concept Minute Repeater Tourbillon

Let us simply cut to the chase of this latest release from the house of H.Moser & Cie, this is cool very cool, by far the coolest release of 2021,  and likely to stay there until, probably the next Moser release.

So what can you tell us about the watch you ask?

It looks like this!

It goes bing bong when you slide the slider thing and it has a spinny roundy thingy (that you can see from the front and does not make the watch look awful) at 6’oclock we furthermore understand that you can also tell the time with it, which I suppose is handy, though as Moser have proved in the past entirely unnecessary for a wrist watch.

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Sure the press release has all sorts of phrases in it like:

“orchestrating a dazzling ballet beneath a framework of titanium: hammers, chimes and a flying tourbillon spin in harmony on the dial”

the passage of time to be both heard and admired”

“develop this marvel of ingenuity”

“Resolutely contemporary, an icon for our modern times”

But we all know fine well that is only because the marketing team at Moser would feel silly in the zipped up world of Haute Horology if they sent out a press release of them giggling like school children and just pointing and saying look at this cool thing it is really cool.

They saved that job for us.

If you would like to own the cool thing then it will cost you what we assume is a cool amount of money, it is one of those POA pieces only for the cool kids.