Scottish Watches Podcast #205 : We Chat With Sam and Lucy

Time to continue the introduction of the wider SW Gang.

You can see them in action here.

Today we catch up with Sam @samandherwatchbox and Lucy @thewatchboxdiaries and find out about them and their watches, and we play our new game Audio Rochambeau

Martins of Glasgow Watch Servicing and Repair

Any one remember this?

Todays guest wrist checks are these

Parts for making watch dials

Things to keep as pets

CNN pedalling their fake news agenda

Only in Scotland could you get away with this…could you imagine if we did have guns!

This is Sams Red Carpet watch, we will forgive the fact that it is a Reverso so long as we get an invite and goody bag from the Oscars

…and the winner is…

Then more cheese chat and not an LVMH or Hodinkee person in sight.

and just because….

Enjoy the show