Scottish Watches Podcast #108 : Moser and Cie, The Streamliner Watch and More with CEO Edouard Meylan

Show notes are back! and what a show to be back for.

It is a good one even if I do say so myself.

We are joined on the day of release by Edouard Meylan of H.Moser & Cie, who managed to cross the German border at great cost to himself to speak to us….and to obviously audition for my part should the dead pool ever payout.

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We get to ask all about those YouTube videos.

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And this is the culprit of the biggest hit in our opinion at least….

Ed this is the podcast you are looking for….

This is still the watch I lust after the most, Moser having their own Grand Seiko SBGH 269 moment…trusting the warehouse folk again. Technically the best selling watch never to have been sold in the world.

Then we get a little insight into what could have been wit that Swiss Icons Watch.

But back to what it is like in the Swedish Watch Industry.

Looking forward to the Moser Swiss AIKON Watch, with an added silly walk…and legal trouble.

Then we find out the true source of Moser humour.

…and a very Python esk…video from Moser.

You can see our full Streamliner article here.

Just look at that lume…and those “bent” hands.

The Alp watch is on the way out…nothing to do with Apples, Oranges or any other of your 5 per day.

If you are looking for one, I know a man.

The rest of the year is looking big for Moser, in particular, the Invicta collaboration coming for Watches and Wonders….

…or maybe that edition will be lost into the Vanta Black.

a bit like the Pioneer Tour than we have still not got!

Then some Watch Show Formally Known as SIHH…(Watches and Wonders…always felt there should be a coma in there).

Then we talk about the watch that is a bit like, but not at all like…anyway “everything is new everything is different” say hi Henry.

It does have a big date….

Really shouldn’t post this video next…

Then we talk a bit about Scotland Light…Ireland.

And as we slagged of the Scottish in the First Video we close with some French abuse, but at least we didn’t mention the war.

Enjoy the show.