Best of #Scottish Watches Week 46

Damn, that was difficult! There have been so many fantastic and creative #scottishwatches posts this week that it’s tough whittling it down to just six. You’re all so imaginative; it must be all that time on your hands that you have…

Let’s kick off with @the_complicated_wrist wearing his JLC Master Control on the first day of his new job. Such a perfect choice – it says that you know what you’re talking about without being obnoxious, just what everyone wants from the new guy. I’ve also got a lot of love for those blue skeletonised hands.

This really made me chuckle! A very clever and imaginative shot from @rw_m100. If you look closely, you can see the Arabic numerals on the dial cut out from solid-lume… and the look of determination in Lego Man’s eyes. We need more like this please, Rob!

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

As an owner of a vintage Zenith myself, I have so much love for this shot from @ross.w.park. It really shows the character of vintage watches – like the wrinkles on the face of your favourite grandad, you just want to have a cup of tea with them and listen to their stories unfold.

An accidental #noirnovember from @timeeq? Two fantastic watches, making me want to reach into the photo, pick them up and try them both on. I love that strap on the Nomos and the case finish on the Zenith El Primero A384 Shadow is something else, it really changes in different lights.

@hendersonshorology is giving us some moody #speedytuesday vibes. The watch looks epic but that beard is fighting for some attention there too. Sometimes my feed can get a little watch-heavy so it’s nice to see a few faces in there as well.

@wildwristwatch perfectly demonstrating our other favourite Tuesday hashtag with a fantastic #halfwatchtuesday capture of his Rolex BLNR. A well-balanced photo really highlighting the crisp lines of that case.

Nice work gang! Remember to keep tagging your posts #scottishwatches for a chance to be featured on our wall of fame – it’s like having your picture stuck on your mum’s fridge, but cooler.