#ScottishWatches Week 28

Greetings and welcome back to the weekly choices for the best watch photos in the whole wide world. It’s going to be a bit shorter of a list than usual, as I have been quite swamped, but hey, that makes you lucky ones that much more special. Here we go:


First up this week is local favourite @jamesporterandson with a bit of Doxa on Doxa action. Featuring not one, but two of the brand new Sub 200 Whitepearls and their bright, stunning dials. And since one can never have too much Doxa…


Scottish Watches and Fears Watch Company

Here is @hacking_2nds with this great shot of the Doxa Sub 300T Aquamarine, rising from the depths he says, but to me, it looks like a descent. Maybe it’s like one of those glass-half-empty types of things. A Doxa rorschach test. Wonder what that says about me…


Next up is @timeeq with a lovely shot of the new Unimatic X Hodinkee release. I happened to get one of these too but have yet to see the lume, so I’m glad to know that it works, and looks quite cool in contrast to that matte grey dial. Good work.


We need more photos of fully deconstructed watches and movements here, so thank you @tour_pivotour. I feel like seeing things in such a state, like this ETA movement broken down to its base components, gives us a better appreciation of the magic going on right under our dials, 24/7.


A well-lit and composed photo of a Seiko on a dock of some sort makes me feel feelings and needs no more words. Just sit and take in this shot by @will_beney_photography for a 20 count and you will see what I mean. Guaranteed.


This new Vero Open Water North Coast is a very cool, almost monochrome watch, save for those little touches of blue, every five-minute mark. Shooting it on other monochrome objects with subtle blue touches is the perfect complement, as proven here by @averagewatchenthusiast. Great shot.


I’m not convinced that what @subparwatchenthusiast is doing here is exactly sanitary, but it makes for a pretty cool photo so it’s definitely worth mild botulism. G-Shock: Breakfast of Champions.


Last but not least, we have @thewatchyeti, who is getting to be a bit of a regular around these parts, with this very cool and kinda scary self portrait of himself and his Hoffman chronograph. He seems a bit angry about being photographed, but that is standard Yeti behaviour.

That’s all for this week. Remember to keep tagging all your splendid photos with #ScottishWatches to have your hours of hard photographic work featured right here, week after week. Until next time…


Derek Haager is a watch enthusiast, TV editor and part-time music maker from Brooklyn, NY.

Instagram: @derekhaager