#ScottishWatches Week 31

Greetings and welcome back to the weekly choices for the best watch photos in the whole wide world. Perhaps you noticed a different voice here last week, so a big thanks to @thewatchboxdiaries for offering to help out and write these from time to time. The job of parsing all your excellent photos has gotten too big for one person, soon we will need a whole team! Dibs on the window office. Here we go:

First up this week is @horology_fan_switzerland, earning their spot by playing to the judge and combining two of my favorite things, a good watch and a good scotch. I’ve already got the Lagavulin, now I just have to get to work on getting my very own JLC. It’s good to have goals.

Speaking of playing to the judge, I wonder if @calgarywatchaddict knows that just shooting a Doxa gives one a big head start in my book. Bonus points if it’s a super-cool rare one like the Poseidon Divingstar. You had me before the shutter even clicked. Cool shot.

Scottish Watches and Bark and Jack

This one caught my eye out of the crowd for being quite different, and it took a few seconds to actually register what is going on here, perhaps good art makes you work for it. A compelling flecto shot of a Christopher Ward (allegedly) reflecting a nautical lamp from across the room. Very cool and interesting shot by @enjoy.your_time

As a borderline obsessive fan of grey watches, I found quite a lot to like here. @Timeeq makes the cut again with a pair of grey dialed watches in the recently-released Unimatic X Hodinkee collab, and the Seiko Tuna from their Urban Safari collection. Shoot them on grey canvas for a hat trick of neutrality. Well done.

Next up we have @horologicalphilosopher who wins the day with the deadly combo of cool watch and cunning wordplay. Am I the only one who would be interested in a Black Bay X Old Bay Limited Edition? Crickets… Guys?

Shooting watch movements can be tricky business, there are a lot of factors at play, with the reflections on the crystal and also all of the little shiny edges and curves right underneath. When someone captures it perfectly it is a thing of beauty, like this shot by @alex_wh_ng. It doesn’t hurt that the movement in question is the new/old Omega 321, which is stunning even when shot on a potato.

Lastly, we have what is definitely one of the craziest photos ever featured here. We see the Vertex M100 in what appears to be an apocalyptic disaster movie scene. But no, turns out it’s actually just a regular old day at the office for our firefighting buddy @rw_m100. Wild stuff, stay safe out there, folks.

That’s all for this week. Remember to keep tagging all your splendid photos with #ScottishWatches to have your hours of hard photographic work featured right here, week after week. Until next time…

Derek Haager is a watch enthusiast, TV editor and part-time music maker from Brooklyn, NY.

Instagram: @derekhaager