HalfWatchTuesday 2.17: The Apocalypse Watch

Imagine for a second the apocalypse was upon us. Some rambling right wing tyrant (take your pick) has just pressed the big red button. You only have enough time gather your family and vital belongings. As you scramble around, you reach for your watch box, you have one chance to pick out the one watch that will hold you in good stead, what would you choose?

Firstly, the watch you pick has to be robust. You can’t be worrying about giving it a bash or getting it wet. This is not place for a slim dress watch with 30m water resistance. So, we are definitely looking for a tool watch. Most tool watches are made of stainless steel which makes a fine choice, if it’s titanium all the better (matter of individual choice).

The watch must also be relatively simple, no perpetual calendars here. A basic three hander will do the job, a date function wouldn’t go amiss, but anything other than that is superfluous. A professional bezel is a decent add on, be it a dive, mission or 12 hour.

Now, the matter of movement comes into play. Above all the movement has to keep ticking, the more self sufficient the better. Mechanical is an obvious choice; many such movements can run well for years without the need for maintenance. But what if your mechanical does require repair? How easy will it be to find a service centre open? Also, mechanicals are not that accurate, over time you may fine your time keeping is quite some way out. Conventional quartz has a issue, after the batter has expired you need to find a new one, but in a post-apocalyptic world that might be a challenge, unless of course it also utilises solar power. Given we are just as likely to face climate catastrophe sunlight will likely be the one thing we have abundant supply of.

Finally, we will have to think of value. Wouldn’t it be an advantage if your watch held a certain amount of worth. The ability to sell it might get you valuable funds to sustain you. Personally, I think this is a flawed policy. Firstly, that money will only help you for so long, after which you will have to fall back on survival instincts, all without ta watch I might add. Secondly, in desperate times people will do desperate things. That no date sub will cast envious glances and you might find yourself on the end of some unwanted attention…

Scottish Watches and Fears Watch Company

So to summarise, we need a tough toolwatch, with preferably a solar powered movement that will be under the radar enough to not attract unscrupulous types. Ladies and Gentlemen (and everyone in between) Halfwatch Tuesday’s choice for best Apocalypse watch is the Citizen Promaster Tough Super Titanium.

The only thing tougher than this beauty is getting your shot into HWT’s top picks

We start off with a cracker. Often the caseback can be every bit as beautiful as the dial. This is beautifully exemplified by @luis6_kch whit a shot that Breguet would be proud of themselves.

What was inside the briefcase in pulp fiction, well judging by my reaction to @phxwatchclub’s epic shot, it could well have been an Explorer.

@hands.faces.cases is well versed with top picks as rightly so as this excellent shot of the Visitor Dunshore. We just love that dial colour

Another regular top picks attendee is @book_watchaholic. On reflection this was a superb shot.

Finally for top pick s we welcome @andrewthomashill. This shot has it all, lume, flecto, a watch palm. It’s just epic.

Shout outs

A watch brand we have come to know about over the last couple of months is @zeitwinkel.ch. We apologise that our shout out comes a little late. We were treated to this epic shot of their lineup which as you can see is a very classy affair. With their uses of smoke dials, big dates and in-house movements we are totally intrigued and look forward to learning more about them.

At HWT HQ we loosely look at our numbers and were astonished to see that the hashtag #halfwatchtuesday has been used in a mind blogging 15000 posts. Such madness is blows our minds and makes us thankful we can provide you something engaging. Speaking of which, you will have enjoyed our HWT live with @aevig on Thursday and as a special treat this week we will be welcoming non other than (handsome) @robertcbrook of Grand Seiko UK, one not to miss.

See you next Tuesday folks