Scottish Watches Podcast #165 : Weekly Watch Chat

It is a stormer this week…..storms might be the sort of thing you might see if you travelled somewhere stormy….Rikki is day drinking so we are in real trouble.

We think they may be using this money to buy someone else……maybe that runs Watch shoWs….but we see the work of this man somewhere…..the Pontif

Scottish Watches and Bark and Jack


and some of the workmanship may be a bit questionable…

lots of fun over at the Hodinkee FB page


Then Garmin time, or not, can you find it…no you cant

Then we have a couple of new videos out.

Then some explanation of some of the jokes

We quite like this, until the #cantunsee was pointed out

Then Rikki tells a fib to the Gas man and defend Hublot

Then it is the return of the Show.


be sure and check these guys out, no idea Why We though of them.

then time to name and shame

Then some new stuff

and this, love this.

got one, probably shouldn’t get another

Then a watch we have been sent from William Wood

and a bit of a step up to this.

then our favourite current debate IIII v IV

and great article from Ed and some other comments!

Sorry watchcypher we kept it,

now what would a show be without a conspiracy.

This week London Real and this from Vice

and finally from Scottish Watches Watches, can you tell what this is from TENET?