HalfWatchTuesday ‘Ask Me Anything’: The Reply

Well, it seems I’ve got a question to reply too! Which is actually one more than I was expecting! And it comes from none other than our pal across the pond @katlen.watches.life, the ?better half of @tennandtwomedia (I’ll get into bother for saying this I’m sure). So her question was actually two questions (but never mind, I’ll be kind and answer both :).

1) Would I ever consider a one watch collection?

Straight onto the question of all questions to start with! I guess for me this sort of ties into the grail watch argument that I wrote about a while ago, as one would think that if one was only to ever have one watch in their collection, then logically it would be that ‘grail’. For me, in my relatively limited time within this hobby (and it may be slightly controversial of me to say) but I’ve yet to find or get my hands on that one watch that I feel could suit all of my watch wearing needs at any time. I am one of the biggest procrastinators I know and actually change my mind rather often as to what ‘floats my boat’ at the time. Hence, the difference in not only the types of watches I have (dive, chronograph, dress etc) but also the strap combinations (you all know I love a strap). So, the concept of only having one combination I’m afraid would just stress me out far too much. I very much change my watch choice depending on what mood I’m in at the time, hence a one watch collection I’m afraid wouldn’t work for me. So, for me, the answer to this, is no, I wouldn’t consider it.

2) Hypothetically, if you could, which watch would it be and why?

Ok, so I’ll base this answer in two stages. I’ll answer this out of the watches I currently have in my collection and the second, out of any watch I can think of. So, firstly out of my collection, I think for me it would be the Speedmaster. Not only because of its iconicness but also because of, for me, the story behind me purchasing it. I just feel it’s a better story. And again, slightly controversial but given the choice, I think I’d miss it slightly more than the Snowflake.

So out of any watch is a more difficult choice as I’d need some time with respective watches to make my mind up. Watches like the white dial Oyster Perpetual (39mm of course, alas I know) and the El Primero would be right up there, also along with my own Speedmaster. Honestly, any one of these I’d would be more than happy with (pending the answer to question one was mute).

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

Kicking us off this week is @mystinenkellomies with a lovely shot of his Zelos. The patina on this is out of this world!!

@oreficeria_bobba_vercelli goes all submersible on us, showing off the 200m WR of his Promaster. Sweet shot man!

The use of light by @hands.faces.cases on the submission this week is nothing short of jaw-droppingly stunning! The Kurono Tokyo just glistens!

Not only a first speedytuesday post but also a quite phenomenal halfwatchtuesday capture as well! @ticktagtock showing off how good that Speedy Professional really is…

We always enjoy the bants with our good pal @swiss_made_obsession, especially when the Mr and Mrs combo pulls out something as amazing as this week’s submission: stacked hands on a half Explorer II. Just perfect…

Not to be outdone on the awesomeness of submissions this week is @wis3130 with a gorgeous Tudor GMT macro shot, just to mix things up a wee bit!

Often the attention of such shots is always on the dial of the watch, which to be fair, is where the vast majority of the time, it’s all happening. Every now and again, it’s refreshing to get a slightly different perspective and appreciate other, often missed aspects of a particular timepiece. In this particular case, @madrock_watches_adventure captures the crown of his Regia Marina in the fading light with such finesse that we can’t help but sit and stare.

Finishing the week off so very nicely and a big shout out is to the guys over at @magrette_timepieces, who although wholeheartedly admit that their Moana Pacific Professional isn’t exactly ‘half a watch’, we still cannot turn away from its appeal. Titanium piece, deep blue dial, red accents, 500m WR, Sellita movement…there’s a whole lot to love here! Definitely worth a check out guys!

It always seems our time together goes so quickly and yet alas, our time this week has come to an end. I know I say this every week and yet it’s still as vitally important then as it is now: please all stay safe and take care of those whom you love.

Yours in horology