Scottish Watches Podcast #159 : The Secret Podcast

The day after the “Tudor Blue” night before.

First rule of Tudor…dont talk about Tudor.

There were some other watches out this week, and some of them were not even blue.

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AP we can still see you….

remember these?

check out Edwins “hate at first sight article

Big News this week is Hodinkee and Apple getting together, but it is not this weekends only get together.

Check out this latest Videocast especially if your name is Cole and you work for Hodinkee

and compare and contrast Hodinkee and Harrods Bvlgari stock.

We have been busy video folk so you can also find these two newbies

So like subscribe and all the other stuff

Then we check out Maurice Lacroix

Time to customise….but beware the Porsche added extras…like hands and a movement.

But this is a thing of beauty, you want a blue faced watch you want one of these.

But if you want proper customisation you need to check out our 3rd favourite Watch and Listen Podcast episode

and if you want something properly exclusive get one of these.

Our pal Robin is doing this.

with one of these.

Get your questions in for the 4th part of our Watches 101 series. Email

Get them while they are hot!

Then just fro Rikki the Scottish Watches Car Show recommendation

You need to try one of these out.

The Hanhart Desert Pilot

Have you seen this man? Has he got Rikki Oris?

Now don’t do a “Musgrove” this week

Take Care

Enjoy the show