Trade My 2019 BB58 For The Blue New Hotness? No, Thanks.

credit: IG @watchmodperfect

You’ve seen it all over Instagram and Facebook. Jenni Elle and Bark & Jack each did fabulous YouTube comparisons. It begs the question: Black Bay 58 in OG brown-black, or Tudor’s only 2020 drop, the Blue Bay Fifty-Eight? Which is better? Which one do you want?

If I didn’t have a Black Bay at all, much less the BB58 I’ve been wearing since November, this would be a tough choice. They are both really good-looking, great-wearing quality Swiss watches with a bomb-proof (read: it’s not the GMT) in-house movement that’s been keeping +1 second/day for me personally.

The New Blue is really nice. But I’m keeping the Original. I will admit that on a strap with any amount of brown, it becomes a brown watch. A really beautiful one, but not neutral. Whereas on the bracelet – which fits me perfectly – it goes with anything and looks Classic. With the 2020 Blue version, everything goes together. Blue, white, white gold. It’s hard to screw that up. But it’s no longer calling back to the era of the Big Crown Sub. As honorary Scottish dude Ismo Mattila brilliantly put it, ‘They took the Fifty-Eight out of the Fifty-Eight.’ And…

credit: Jason Lim

I’ve already got a cool blue 39mm diver on the way from Vancouver, the Halios Fairwind. With square markers, straight hands, and a hidden slider micro-adjusting clasp. For less than 1/3rd the price of (another) BB58. So yeah, I’m all set. And.. I really like my Oceanking too. It’s Monta’s gorgeous debut watch with no crown guards, 60-hour Eterna movement, and the best date window like, ever. With its unique bezel profile and ceramic shininess, it’s a real change of pace.

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

And… recently my lovely wife returned from a week in Florida helping her brother flip a high-end beach house. She informs me that he bought himself another Rolex, this time in baby blue, made of platinum. ‘What model?’ She doesn’t know. ‘Take any pictures?’ No. ‘Have one of these clicky turning deals?’ Nope. ‘Push buttons for stopwatch?’ Uh-uh. She draws a picture of the dial pattern, with hands at ten & two (yeah, she’s a keeper). Okay, now I know it’s a Day-Date 40mm, reference 228206:

‘But I like your watch better’ she says, pointing to the Oceanking on my wrist. [Note to self: do not flip the Monta] Her brother has a 2-pound Day-Date that costs more than his Porsche Carrera S, but Monta looks better to her. And she really digs the BB58 as well. Yep, I’m good, thanks.



Eric Nielsen is a clinical pharmacist caring for U.S. military veterans in Asheville, North Carolina; responsibilities include infectious disease and investigational drug studies. Past roles include pediatric, labor/delivery, and neonatal ICU care settings. His interest in wristwatches has been a steady climb of irrational buying & flipping since 2016.


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