HalfWatchTuesday 2.09 Guide to Instagram Selling

Hi there, we know that you have probably been introspecting about the state of things in the world today. If that is the case, we applaud you, the hope is events today will help shape a better tomorrow. We also acknowledge this can all weigh heavy on the mind. So, whilst what we write about today may seem frivolous, it’s ok to allow yourself a little time ‘down time’. Most importantly take care of yourselves.

Around two months ago we published our guide to eBay (link at the bottom of the article). eBay has long been this writer’s selling medium of choice, especially when the £1 max selling fees offer is on. The platform provides you the biggest audience possible, especially if you are willing to ship internationally. If you are accurate in your description, eBay can be a smooth and very clean way to make a transaction; perhaps too clean.

Whilst many of us will have the need to move a watch on, the pieces that we choose to sell usually hold some attachment. Rarely do we buy a watch we didn’t like at the time, that process involves hours of researching, thinking and maybe even a longer period of saving. Therefore when it comes to saying goodbye to these pieces there is some comfort in knowing they will be enjoyed as much as you did, if not more so.

The usual eBay sale goes to a buyer who you will likely not have heard of before. Your watch will be sent, you will likely receive some feedback as a seller and that can be it. You may not find out their thoughts on their new watch, or how much they are enjoying it. In reality, this is not a necessary part of any transaction, but it would be nice to know.

So, with all this in mind when I had a few pieces to sell I wondered if any of the Instagram community would like ‘first dibs’ (option to buy) before putting them for sale on eBay. One of the challenges was how to price these items. There is the price I would like to get for them, but also the knowledge that if selling on eBay a cut would have been taken. Also, the hope would be that I would sell to an account I know and therefore willing to ‘do a deal’

The two first pieces I tentatively posted for sale were my Citizen Promaster Super Tough Titanium and the Halios Seaforth Bronze, both watches I spent hours, days, months researching. If I was going to go through this pain, it will be curbed by knowing they would be going to good homes.

Scottish Watches and TOCKR Watches

I should not have been so worried, within nine minutes the Citizen sold, and by the evening the Halios went, both for the price I wanted, both to accounts I know well. The payment was immediate and great excitement was shared knowing that good people were getting good watches which will be enjoyed. The buyer of the Citizen shared with me that it was a grail of sorts for him, well to be able to sell a watch that someone thinks as highly of as that can only be described as a pleasure.

A few thoughts occurred to me during this process. I had the price I wanted to sell at and the price I would accept. When a potential buyer contacted me, I told them both, this made the transactions much quicker and made everyone feel like the deal worked for them.

The Halios could be described as a more desirable watch than the Citizen, but the latter sold immediately whereas the Halios sold later in the day (only a matter of hours). I took this to be a sign of the times, many are facing challenges out there, buying watches is a lower priority and the ceiling to what disposable income people have is much lower. Therefore, watches which are price higher will not likely sell as quickly as previous. As a seller, I was happy to forego £20-30 if it meant a fellow watch nerd gained happiness.

Finally, I sold to people who follow me on Instagram. So, in a way, I did not have to put too much detail about the items as they can see them on my profile. They can easily find out how long I’ve had them for and what use I put them to. Of course, there is a level of trust within the Instagram community, so I hope that means both sellers and buyers can have some more reassurance.

After the watches, I also sold two accessories. These transactions were also very swift to Insta friends, there I can only conclude for certain items Instagram is a great platform to sell on. Of course, you can still see your old watches, just on their new owners’ profiles.

Moving on to this week’s top picks, we would like to say thank you for all who are posting. We know it might be difficult to post about watches, but as always, the quality has been cracking; this week especially. So let the waiting end, here are your top picks.

There is no better use of lockdown time than putting on a brew, with that in mind we love it any time @brewwatches join us on a Halfwatch Tuesday

Flatlays are the shots of the moment and we loved this sophistication from @wrists.and.walls

It is not for us to ask how, but this from @timepeacelove makes us dream of hitting the open road again

Whilst we might be losing our marbles in recent times, @captain_fanou certainly has put all of his to good use.

Our friend @time__back is back with another fantastic submission

At Halfwatch Tuesday our wish is for all accounts to stand side by side regardless of size; quality counts and this from the Insta giant @rolopalooza has it in abundance.

We all are looking for heroes at this time, the most important one is the hero within you. Thanks for the MARVEL-ous post @justanotherwatchguy

Closing out top pick is @whisky_sith with this atmospheric shot of one of our favourite watches, the cult icon, the Seiko Mini Turtle.

Thank you to all who joined the party. Hopefully many of you will have tuned into our Halfwatch Tuesday Live with @batavi_watches on Thursday. We are hoping to shine the spotlight on some European brands this month so next up will be @isotope.watches.

Lastly don’t forget out #HWTNODUSGAW. Post a positive, feel good story with the hashtag to be in with a chance of winning a sold out @noduswatches Retrospect II. Competition runs until 20th June.

That’s it, folks, see you next Tuesday