Halfwatchtuesday 2.01 A Guide To eBay

Humans are resilient. They can put up with huge trauma and get back to something like normal. Right now, in this strange place we find ourselves humans are trying to find normality in the most abnormal of conditions. People everywhere are delving into new hobbies and old. The watch community continues to provide a safe haven from the madness, friends whose faces we may never have seen maintain an unsaid oath to not let the new normal invade their interactions.

In these challenging times it seems strange to run a story about buying watches. The fact is if you have had your eye on a piece and have your kitty intact this might be a good time to act.

Everyone has their favourite place to source the next watch, some are AD only, happy to pay the premium for a tailored service, others go for the forums, this writer trawls eBay and might have picked up a nugget or two worth sharing.

Know what you want

There’s a lot of stuff on eBay and much of it utter sh*t. So, it pays to have an idea of what you want; the more specific the better. Know you want a Grand Seiko, good. Know you want a quartz, better. Know that you want an SBGV205, great, now save that search and put an alert on. The next time one appears you will know.

Buying a current production watch is tricky enough, but vintage can be a minefield. Do your research about the piece you are after. Make a folder with all the resources you gather. Look at many listings to educate yourself about inconsistencies. If you do not you are a sitter for getting burned. eBay is rife with fakes and franken watches, so beware.

Listen to the Scottish Watches Podcast here

Buy Local

This is not to say there are not excellent overseas sellers, but there is a simplicity in buying an item that is already on the same land mass as you, especially if you are UK based. There is no losing detail in translation and no potential import duty. Also, if something needs to be returned its simpler to do.

Get information

Get as much information as you can about the item, especially the condition. Ask about scratches. Get the seller to give you better quality pictures if needed. Ask about service history if appropriate. If something is not written you have to assume it doesn’t apply, for example, don’t assume a watch comes with papers if that isn’t specified.

Know your Price

‘Watch’ items similar to what you are looking for, note how much they sell for. This will help inform the price you should be willing to pay. Stick to your price and only be willing to go slightly over for the perfect watch, other watches will come along.

If bidding in an auction, don’t get involved too early, you will only drive the final price up. If allowed to make an offer, make it a realistic one (offering less than 90% of the seller’s price is unlikely to be successful)

Buy the Seller

This is the oldest and most important rule. You must completely trust the seller, look at their feedback and other items. Interact with them and gauge their response. If they are a seller that regularly comes up with pieces you like with great feedback you can save them also.

Be Decisive

Now that you know exactly what you are looking, make sure you pounce when you see it. Good luck

Last week we asked you utilise the extra time you have in your days and harness your creativity, and boy did that pay off. So, behold last week’s Halfwatch Tuesday top picks.

We loved this calm, contemplative feel of this zen like shot from @hendersonshorology

@iworkonwatches getting on with some DIY with a proper toolwatch

We are loving the moody vibe of the two tone GMT master ii from @mywatches777

Speaking of moody, the tone yet clarity of this shot is almost unbelievable from @watchbonobo

Lifting the mood to something a touch more vibrant, @watchesinnature is at hand.

@monsfreet87 with a great message wrapped in a great shot.

Rarely have we seen hands caught just as perfect @watchwithuschannel manages on the Steel BlackBay

Let’s finish with a splash of colour from @fascinationwatch. Congratulations on making top picks with your first Halfwatch Tuesday post

Shout Outs

We would like to extend a shout out to all the brands we love who have been making concerted efforts to help in the fight against Covid. Halios, Brew, Horage, Baltic, Monta and Nodus including many others have been doing their bit and we salute them.

If you have the means, they need our support also. So, if you thinking of making a purchase no matter how small we know that support would mean the world to them. We wish them the best of luck in navigating these challenging times. To them we say ‘we are here if you feel we can offer any assistance’.

Finally, just over a week ago, awesome happened, we hosted Halios for Halfwatch Tuesday Live. We were so delighted to get the chance to chat to Jason himself and to see the subsequent feedback we received. The fun continues when we get to host another brand we have excited to get on the show. Astor & Banks will be joining us on Thursday 16th April at 21:00 GMT, and the best bit? You’re invited!

As always, See you next Tuesday and stay healthy.