Scottish Watches Podcast #135 : Watch Chat with Jody from YouTube’s Just One More Watch ( JOMW )

Just the Jodster and Rikki this week.

Bushfires, Flooding, Horology House and Covid-19

They discuss the dollar dazzlers, those made in China pocket money watches.

Listen to the Scottish Watches Podcast here

An observation that a number of the prominent YouTubers have Asian wives and girlfriends…and Archie Luxury….that’s the Swiss Watch industry for you.

Then some Scottish Watches Watches:

Doomsday Preppers

and Build A Bunker….the Build-A-Bear folk have diversified.

Your wish is my command:

Listen out for Rikk passing wind…(he does not own a dog) .how unprofessional

Coming soon from Jody one of these. They are very cool.

and a new brand on us. Firle watches

Adrian Barker

Edward Holcroft

Enjoy the show