Scottish Watches Podcast #152 : With ABlogToWatch – Watches 101 – Episode 2

Part 2 of our mini-series, we obviously start by asking Ariel about Scottish People…

Not from Mike Myres or the Simpsons….but these guys.

James Porter and Son

This is the source of today’s episode.


First up;

1. Mechanical movements, is in-house really worth it?

We now have Spring Drive and Connected watches, but does it matter?

2. Anti Reflective Coating

Everyone likes some Square Bob and watches

3. Screwed links

Gimme them drilled lugs!

4. Case Quality and Finish

Simple buy quality that matches the price being demanded.

5. Lume

Ball are the masters at the tritium gas tubes, always worth a look

6. Brand Pedigree

Should you buy a used Romain Jerome, now that the company is no more?

Should you have ever have bought one in any circumstance?



7. Observable Dial And Movement Decoration

Come on Rolex get your act together.

Ok so maybe not like this:

8. Unique Design

Would you wear this? I would, at least if I took my Panerai off long enough to give it a chance.

here is what Ariel was talking about

9.Value Retention

Show me the money!!!

Simple if you care buy Rolex, if you don’t, buy what you like.

Are you a collector or a speculator?

Enjoy the show.