#Scottishwatches Week 50

I never tire of looking at watch pictures. I could (and very often do!) spend hours just scrolling, liking and commenting. While the watch community is supportive, I genuinely share the love because of the effort and creativity that people put into their posts. Lighting, detailing and backdrops are just a few of the considerations for getting that perfect shot “for the gram” and I love seeing it.

Flicking through last week’s #scottishwatches left me anything but disappointed. With so many awesome pictures to choose from, it was a tough job. So, cheers for that! As we edge ever closer to Christmas my feed is going all festive with lots of lights, decorations and cosy looking scenes. I’m also amazed at how inventive people are getting with props! (Although sticking your watch in hot candle wax did make me question if it had gone a little too far, but I still applaud the dedication.)

I’ve managed to narrowed it down to a few of my faves, so take a look and see if you agree!

While I’m not a fan of the cold, I couldn’t help but notice how COOL this shot by @wrists.and.walls was! (Not even sorry about that one). I’m pretty sure they’ve thrown their Seiko into ice water and somehow managed to capture the moment perfectly. They are determined not to let the dive part of the watch go unappreciated, even without a holiday. This is definitely a fantastic lockdown friendly alternative!

On the flip side, I came across this beautiful, bright, understated little vintage and I just had to add it to this list. @onehundredtwentyclicks managed to find this 1973 piece in great working condition complete with that character and charm that I like so much. Cool cushion case? Check. Simple, patinated dial? Check. Little pop of colour? CHECK! A winner to me.

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So, I’m pretty fresh to the anOrdain hype, but boy does this speak to me! Giving me those simple, vintage vibes but with a dial colour that packs a punch! From the smooth case shape, to the simple brown strap it’s paired with, this watch (and shot!) by @aggressivetiminghabits is lust worthy. My task this week will be to educate myself on all things anOrdain. I recommend you do too if you don’t know them already!

Now I have to get a Christmas shot in here. While I’m usually a bit of a Grinch, I’m trying my best to find my Christmas spirit (not just the mulled kind) and flicking through all these shots is definitely helping. It was hard to choose, but this one from @watch_my_time had to take it. It reminds me of the many, MANY hours sat untangling fairy lights. Starting off being crazy frustrated but then the pure pride and satisfaction when you manage to get them straight. What a rollercoaster of emotions. I had a good giggle at that thought, and then remembered to also appreciate the shot for it’s fantastic use of light and just being a damn good capture.

I love a good macro shot. It’s hard to do without decent equipment and even harder when the lighting is naff so I’m always impressed when someone manages to do it well. One such example is this shot of the Nodus Retrospect by @averagewatchenthusiast. They’ve managed to capture the details, textures and colours, and even thrown some flecto in there for good measure. Frickin awesome!

Thanks for reading my ramblings and remember to use the #scottishwatches tag when you post to get involved!