HalfWatchTuesday : Happy Birthday To…….Us!

So let’s rewind back a year. A seemingly innocuous post. A random, thought provoking comment from someone whom I’d never met. And a year later here we are! Never in a month of Sundays did we ever believe that halfwatchtuesday would get off the ground, never mind being at the stage we are today: articles, watch reviews, podcast appearances and even live reviews! Now, before I get onto the real content of the article, I want to say a personal thanks to a couple of people who without them, this would never have happened. Rick and Rikki from Scottish Watches have been instrumental from day one, giving us the platform from which to bring you our weekly chat and have been absolutely nothing but encouraging and supportive on our journey, from the article to the weekly top pics For this, we wholeheartedly thank you. And to Omair. For those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting this fine gentleman, one can fully understand the charisma that he brings to the table. A little frustrating at times granted (god, can he be frustrating!) but this is normally done in the pursuit of bringing you all something better. Now, I know that the whole two halves of a whole thing would apply here, but I reckon I’m at 33% at best. This is very much Omair’s show: I’m just a relative part in it. The work he puts into halfwatchtuesday is nothing short of phenomenal. The countless hours of interaction and engagement with brands all over the world, the organisation behind the live reviews just shows how passionate he is about the horological world. If I was ever going to be involved in something like this (and before Omair came along I can promise you that I would have never done something like this), I can imagine no one better to share this ride with.

Ok, if you’ve not thrown up as the quite ridiculous amount of man-love going on above, time to chat about the real reason behind HalfWatchTuesday. Ultimately, we wanted to find a way to continue and maintain engagement with the watchfam and to find a way to reach out and meet new fellow minded enthusiasts. And do it using a platform where there wasn’t so much reliance on taking the best possible picture of your watch but more by the limits of one’s imagination. Some of the posts we’ve received showcasing ‘grammars imagination (editors note, thanks for the kind words earlier, but did you really mean to refer to an anonymous 1706 pamphlet?) have been utterly ridiculous. Use of shadows, smoke, reflections and other imaginative props have created countless chats which have then led to further unrelated watch conversations and before you know it, a dialogue has been created and beautiful new friendships have been born. This is what we wanted to create. A way folk could come together and talk over random, innocuous posts and form conversations with like-minded people.

The other and perhaps more unexpected result from the page is the amount of engagement we’ve had with microbrands, most of which I admit that I’ve not had any knowledge about prior. Getting to know other passionate watch aficionados and how they relay that passion into actually designing and creating their own unique pieces has just been amazing. Even getting our hands on some of these pieces for a few of our live reviews (Kustom, Visitor, Horage, Ardor and Forge, Monta and Nodus – thank you so much guys) and having the interaction that we’ve had has been nothing short of outstanding. I’m also happy to say that we’ve got more brands in the pipeline for the future, so exciting times ahead.

Most of all, it’s been all you guys. The submitting week after week, challenging your skills and your imagination to come up with amazing posts week after week that is the real star of this show. We wouldn’t be able to do this at all without the support you guys continue to give us week in, week out, always turning up on a Tuesday (or earlier 🙂 in your droves to support our wee hashtag. This birthday is really because of you guys, for you guys. And for that, we could never thank you all enough….

So, in celebration of our 1st birthday, we’ve compiled a list of our personal favourite posts throughout the past year. We’d have everyone’s on here if we could, alas R & R would be mighty peeved at the size of the article if that was the case.

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

So, to kick this off is one of my personal favourite accounts, @strixpixmix who takes some quite breathtaking shots. His feed is simply littered with shots that push the limits on what watch photography can achieve. His submission earlier this year, with the lighting and shot definition of his Casio wedged between a camera lens and a digital radio is just a different class!

@walkoftime has also been a regular submitter for HalfWatchTuesday, taking the swipeable shot to a whole new level! We’ve been blessed with phenomenal shots of Seamasters, Panerais and Seikos to wet the appetite and believe me they have indeed caught our attention, but it’s the shots of his Explorer II that have really captured the eye over the past year. Just stunning!

Now you’d expect someone of @katlen.watches.life calibre to be too busy with her podcast and general Insta-influencing to bother with something as trivial as HalfWatchTuesday but every so often she climbs down from her lofty peak upon Insta-Olympus and submits something straight out of WIlly Wonka: pure imagination. All kidding aside, Katlen has been an amazing personality, a fantastic supporter and an all-round great contributor to our cause, none more so than taking the time by smearing honey all over that gorgeous Seamaster, just for us on HalfWatchTuesday. This is the kind of commitment to HWT that is worthy of such adoration.

Every now and again, a post is submitted that pushes the boundaries of normal watch photography that borders on the ridiculously sublime, which as a result becomes the origin of a new trend. The @theticktockcollector did just that, by posting a half wet, half dry, half-lit, half lumed shot of his Seiko Monster way back in the day that just took our breath away not just in its execution but also in the obvious meticulation it took to set up the shot itself. One of our most favourites.

Speaking of trends, none has seemed to be more popular than the lumed shot. Personally, I find this type of shot both technically difficult and frustrating to be able to get right. This frustration (and later dumbfounded awestruckness) is only heightened when seeing how effortlessly @thejames80 seems to accomplish it. His submission of his Seiko way back in July had all the hallmarks of an absolute special shot. The lighting, the definition of the hands, the sharpness of the lume. It may have taken an age to set up, but the whole thing just reeked of simple perfection!

How @chriscentro was quite able to set up his shot of his Seiko contained within a newspaper article, i have no idea. It will be amongst the first things I ask him if our paths are ever to meet. It showed that it’s not always about the watch itself but the mood it creates and the story it tries to tell. And when this story is concerned with real awesomeness, it’s hard not to stand up and take notice when true genius comes calling…

Imagine walking along a country road on a spring day: the sun beating off your shoulders, wind gently stirring the wheat in the fields to dance in the golden sunlight. Life is good….This is the exact imagery I get from @iwcfishcrown and his shot of such a dancing wheat field and squinting, ever so slightly, to see an IWC staring back at you. I’m hoping, really hoping that this shot was an utter spur of the moment thing, as it would be a perfect example of how the perfect shot can sometimes be nothing more than looking to the side as one walks down the road….

And finally. It’s not enough to say horological royalty but from someone who albeit I’ve had limited chat with, has always been encouraging and humble beyond reproach. @lar5erik, who’s been influential since day 1, has always taken the time to support our wee hashtag with some quite phenomenal shots. His ‘submerged Submariner’ really took the biscuit though. We always have, and always will be, grateful for the impact you’ve had on our party.



To end our birthday article is a shout out to Winfield Watch Company , who by the look of their website, are ready to tackle anything from mountain to mountain biking and look to produce timepieces that can stand up to the intense rigours that such activities demand! Their flag piece, Mission Timer One, recently got a write up from the guys over at Worn and Wound and looks like a pretty solid piece. Has that kind of ‘vintage meets military’ feel to it. Aside from its pleasing dimensions and a red seconds hand (you all know how i feel), you had me at the start with the Arabic numerals. We do recommend checking them out guys and if you like what you see (which we’re sure you will), the guys over at WWC have very kindly offered a 10% discount off their MT1 piece. Thanks very much for the support guys!

Before signing off, there’s a special mention that we need to make. Somebody who has been following and supporting us since day 1. Somebody that has without fail, never missed a HalfWatchTuesday. Somebody that at time of writing, has submitted over 400 posts to our wee hashtag, and we couldn’t let it go unanswered. Steven aka Raz aka @raz121165: there is no other worthy winner of our inaugural HalfWatchTuesday community champion award! You are the epitome of what we stand for and what this hashtag is all about.

And alas, once again out time comes to an end. I’ll refrain from repeating the silliness above and sign off with just a passing comment. In these times we all find ourselves in, please take the very best care of yourself and your families. And thank you again, for everything…

Yours in horology