Best Of HalfwatchTuesday : Review Of The ‘Review’

Welcome again, from near and far, to another installment of HalfWatchTuesday! It’s been an eventful last week, to say the least and an extremely stressful one for yours truly! For those of you who tuned in to last weekend’s live review hoping to hear Omair docile tones and see that lovely flush of ivory white in one’s beard, I do humbly apologise. Yes, it was my first review, first live review, first time doing anything outside of one’s comfort zone. I have to say first and foremost thank you so much to @kustomwatches for not only their professionalism at each and every step of the way but also for the incredible patience they showed in waiting for the review after my accident, so once again guys thanks very much.

So, now that it’s all over, how did I find it? And how did everyone else think I did? Well, to critique myself (which is the whole point of this article) I think I did ok. Yeah, just ok. As I mentioned earlier, this is the first time I’ve done anything remotely like this, and the whole thing is rather intimidating. ‘Bricking it’ was the term I believe I used during my business meeting with Omair the day before. Maybe it was the thought of talking about the watch in such a way in front of Alessandro, the CEO of kustomwatches and hoping to do it enough justice. Maybe it was the thought of actually getting my face out there. Who knows. Whatever it is, it was initially one of the most uncomfortable feelings I’ve experienced in a while.

To be fair, I was actually concerned less about what I was actually going to say (cue my page of notes by my side) then I was being able to assemble the watch without a) making a complete hash of it and / or b) dropping the watch onto the floor entirely. Thankfully I managed both ok. Obviously there were other things I was hoping to chat about and explain in greater detail, although I figured the most important bit was showing how to customise the watch as such before going into the one to one chat with Alessandro. The one to one chat was great, by far the most enjoyable of the review. Actually being able to chat with someone who has been instrumental in getting the brand up and going and his thoughts for the future. Note to self for future reviews is not to have the camera so close to my face, I know I’m pretty but it was a bit much. Also, try not to drop the phone next time (im hoping no one else caught that).

Aside from this however, generally I was happy with how it went. I’m sure the suaveness and flair that Omair does his reviews with will hopefully rub off on myself with future reviews. In the meantime, a few things to work on but generally, rather happy with the review in its entirety….

Kicking us off with top pics this week is @girlslikewatchestoo who produces a ‘cracking’ Lume shot of her LumTec. Utterly eggcellent Chel!

Scottish Watches and Edinburgh Watch Company

We do love the Alpinist here at HalfWatchTuesday and the shot by @pacificnorthwatch is an absolute beauty of a beautiful watch. Lovely flecto shot out in the wilderness. Brilliant!

@bradwatch then gets in on the act with a lovely Raketa shot. Something so simple and yet oh so effective. Cool shot buddy!

Not only was capture of her Hamtun utterly ‘glowing’ but it was ‘crystal clear’ to us here at HalfWatchTuesday that we couldn’t possibly have a top picture of the week without it! Stunning picture Jo!

Oh dear!! It seems @my_globemaster has been caught up in the whole Coronavirus outbreak, although i’m not quite sure those black gloves are standard NHS issue! Sweet shot of the Globemaster right enough!

@maxx_vdv does make some quite stunning shots and his submission of his Seiko 5 almost buried in the ground is just a different level. Simply gorgeous.

We’ve often quoted as to how there aren’t a lot of things better in this world than watches and coffee. @diywatchandstraps combines these two perfectly into a rather imaginative submission. Nice work bro



So, another fellow co-founder of a new and bursting new page in @pocketshotsquad joins our Half Watch party this week. @firstjoninspace with his eye on the prize, literally, takes the cake for imaginative shot of the week. It’s always a pleasure bro!

If you don’t follow @chriscentro, do it. If you already do, check his page out again because honestly some of the content is just out of the world. Take this week’s submission for example, his Seamaster poking out from the seams is just unbelievably good. Perfect even.

Just the singular shout out this week and it’s from one right here in Scotland @marloewatchco seek to uphold the wonder behind mechanical pieces and have thus introduced numerous collections of watches, each adopting a different feel and story. The Coniston collection, taking its name from waters within the Lake district, looks particularly nice, especially in steel with its distinct metallic sunburst dial and that red seconds hand (you all know I love a red seconds hand). Definitely worth a look if you’re looking for a piece with a bit of character about it.

Well, once again, our time has come to an end. Thanks again to everyone who joined us last Sunday and who continues to support Omair and myself on this crazy journey. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Yours in horology