Halfwatch Tuesday From The WatchNerd In Chief

Greetings Watch Nerds! Gigi here filling in for Omair and Nic. As you know the two halves of HWT are medics, and they are getting ready for the big wave of COVID-19 cases that are bound to storm across the UK in the coming weeks and months.

Living in Milan, Italy, I am in the dead center of the European outburst of the epidemic. Most all businesses are on lockdown, except for the essentials (food, medicine, petrol and the like), the only movement allowed is to buy food and necessities. Walking and running are allowed but distancing must be maintained. Unfortunately, the Italian public hasn’t heard this message very well, and people who up until the beginning of the crisis were happily kicking around at home, have how developed an urge to start jogging and going every day to buy cigarettes and the newspaper! Cellphone big data analysis has tracked the quantity of movement before and after the start of the lockdown, numbers are down 60%… this may sound like a lot but it’s not enough. We must go down to about 25% mobility to slow down the contagion (just for the essential public service personnel and the folks that go out for undelayable needs). I hope this message gets through as we are at 41k infected and 3.4k dead on March 19th, mostly old people with pre-existing conditions. This virus is killing Grandad and Grandma (but not only…). be responsible, embrace social distancing!

I can’t stress this strongly enough: IF YOU CAN STAY HOME DO SO! Don’t make up excuses to leave your house. Only go out for food, medicine, and to quickly let your man’s best friend do his number two. Your sacrifice will help people like Nic and Omair tend to as many people as possible to help them get through this ordeal alive.

If you need to leave home, remember to keep a good distance from everyone, wash your hands or use sanitizer as regularly as possible, and DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE WITH DIRTY HANDS.

REPEAT: BE RESPONSIBLE AND STAY THE F*CK HOME. Don’t wait for the government to start a lockdown. At that point it may just be too late.

Take care and keep safe

Scottish Watches and Fears Watch Company

Gigi @timetotalk_watches


I’m a lume addict, as everyone knows, and @_mrdata_ does not disappoint! The ultraman speedy is such a cool watch, with its invisible logo than can only be seen under UV light. I’d love one….



Well Scott, nicely played! A big old smacker on his green Shinola! I wonder who the lucky girl was!


Bit of a nature pic here. I’ve never heard of the Sidereus brand, but I like the watch design, it’s quite original. And that tweed like strap really blends into the rest of the green! Good purchase Bryan.


Now here’s an impressive pic! A Casioak shrouded by white fumes! I can hear the voice of “The Mask” in the background saying Smokin’!!!


You can’t do any better than a two liner subby with no date. I just love it. And this perfectly lighted pic, with just a veil over the watch is the bees knees! Well done!


St. Patrick’s day: check. Green Seiko Alpinist: double check. A pocket shot with a difference. And that weathered leather jacket is just the icing on the cake! Kudos Darren


This vintage speedy with its creamy markers and grainy dial is a feast for the eyes even if it’s only half a watch. 12 o’clock marker still looks like a John Thomas though.


Nodus is a Halfwatchtuesday fav.  And in this half watch, half flecto pic you can just about see how high the level of finishing on the Duality is.


I’m a big Star Wars and Lego fan, so this pic was too awesome to pass up. And our friend has done a great job here. Perfect combo!


Another dateless sub here, this time with a perfectly placed reflection. Goes to show that Rolex doesn’t really bother with all that AR coating mumbo-jumbo.