Watch News : 5 Entry-Level Starter Watches For Beginners (Warning Irony Alert)

This little gem popped up in out Facebook advert links just the other day from the gang at Mr Porter (and by gang we mean the company owned by Richemont Group that own this lot) and so it got at least one of us thinking what are 5 entry-level starter watches that are not owned by the company writing editorial promoting them….sorry did I say that out loud, anyway with tongues firmly located in cheeks…here we go.

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We get it: the alluring realm of watch collecting can be intimidating to the outsider, particularly when you’re looking to make your first real purchase and budgets are tight! But fear not, friends, for help is at hand: let Scottish Watches be your guide, as we walk you through 5 beginner pieces that will get you onto the ladder without breaking the bank!

#1 – Omega Speedmaster 1969 ’Tribute to Apollo XI”

Proof that a man’s first real watch doesn’t have to be the most expensive, flashy or rare, this humble Omega piece really delivers bang for buck. Even more interestingly, it has an intriguing backstory that most people have never even heard of: any sci-fi nerds out there who have seen Ron Howard’s classic “Apollo 13” will be all too familiar with Tom Hanks’ iconic portrayal of Neil Armstrong’s death-defying voyage to the moon. The watch on his wrist? You guessed it. As a matter of fact, we have one of these demure beauties available to purchase right now at the Scottish Watches Store™!

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#2 – Rolex GMT-Master II 116719 (18k White Gold)

On a budget? Don’t worry. Affordable timepieces can still pack a punch, if you know where to look! This little-known cult classic is sure to get you some knowing looks from the real watch connoisseurs next time you’re in Harrods to do the groceries. Don’t be fooled by its somewhat cartoonish exterior: this iconic piece- affectionately known by true #watchfam as the “Spider-Man”- may be cheap and cheerful, but it really pops on the wrist! Come to think of it, we have one just like it at the Scottish Watches Store™.

#3 – Rolex GMT-Master (Pre-Owned)

Don’t laugh: most people don’t realize it, but the pre-owned market is a great place to grab a bargain! This Rolex GMT-Master may be a bit on the rough side, and certainly won’t stand out to the lads at the golf club, but all that “second hand” status will save you a pretty penny! By total coincidence, it looks like we just so happen to have this exact same watch in stock at the Scottish Watches Store™!

#4 – Breguet Grand Complication Marie-Antoinette

If anything is certain in life, it’s that a man never forgets his first vintage Porsche 911, nor his first Leica camera, nor his first high-complication 18th-century gold pocket watch. Small though these purchases may be, they have the ability to tell stories and enrich lives. So, we say, ignore the haters we personally think this humble timepiece, designed by one of the greatest horological minds in history and assembled over four decades at the behest of one of Marie Antoinette’s lovers, is actually quite neat. We feel that this is why watches are so magical: at the end of the day, no matter how rich or poor you are, no matter what colour your skin is, whether you own a dozen yachts or just a couple; these simple objects have the power to bring us all together. Check out our full range of grand complication pocket watches today at the Scottish Watches Store™!

#5 – Daniel Wellington Watches [In Partnership](Not))
Last, but by no means least, we have a truly iconic modern timepiece: Daniel Wellington have been shaking up the stale watch world with their fresh new take on timeless minimalist design. Many people would say that these look even better than a stuffy old Rolex any day, and we’d be inclined to agree! In fact, with this link, you can get a discount on your first purchase at the official Daniel Wellington store if you enter the code ”SCOTTISHWATCHES” at checkout, or just ask for Katlen at any DW Authorised Dealer.