Scottish Watches Podcast #95 : All About Our New Tock Show

A show with even more watch content and even less stuff about cameras, just use your mobile phone for goodness sake.

The Horage is still on the wrist, and these guys deserve a visit from you to their website, as they have been such good sports.

Here she is folks….

Scottish Watches and Bark and Jack

We did a thing on the YouTubes – and it wasn’t horrible!

Some chat, about Watchfinder and some bad timing from Bremont., 

But Giles is the evil brother!

We ask if Watchbox new Dubai team-up is a direct flex against Watchfinder and Richemont, and of course plenty more about the Youtubers and the Great Rolex Burst Bubble, and a shout out to the meme machine that is the Scottish Watches Facebook group, be sure and join.

Can you name them all?

and would you like one of these? one left at retail, do tell us if you buy it

…and that’s it for watches…time for films.

Ford v Ferrari, Gemini Man, and The Irish Man

and some deep fakery….scary stuff

Here is Robert Patrick and his nice Rolex

looking forward to getting kicked out of here next week, at the official opening

We have an interview coming up with these guys, very much looking forward to it.

unfortunately, they are flying up and not driving.

Check out the book of dreams

and the youtube channel of nightmares

feel free to compare this from about 3 mins in, to the wiki page, surprised? nope

Enjoy the show