HalfWatchTuesday : Return of the Speedmaster (Editors note..yeah I know its a Panerai)

Blink and you’ll miss it! It’s Tuesday again and with it brings another instalment of #halfwatchtuesday! I do hope everyone is safe and well otherwise. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been given a date of this Friday to go under the knife and receive my titanium alloy shoulder and become a half Terminator (or so I’ve told my kids). In all seriousness, I do appreciate all the comments and messages from folk, as well as the friendly banter that one could only get in this great country.

So, the final instalment of my Speedmaster saga ended this week with my CK finally returned to its rightful owner. No doubt the constant harassment from myself, standing outside the Omega boutique, peering in hopefully and longingly for the last week or so did everything to get it rushed through. I’m not quite sure what I was expecting to be honest. Part of me anticipated that the problem couldn’t be fixed for whatever reason and I would be forever stuck with the ‘handwashing Speedy’ jokes. It’s funny how these fears are instantly alleviated once actually seeing the watch in all of its glory. Not a drop of moisture in sight. The only clouds that were about were outside. It was just wonderful.

Now if I were going to pick at anything remotely negative from the whole experience, it would have to be the slight lack of feedback as to what the problem actually was. Turns out the watch received a new dial, all new hands, all seals replaced and the movement fully serviced. Essentially a brand new watch. Now I’m assuming that there must have been an issue with the seals in the first place, otherwise, they would not have been replaced. I guess I’m just a little disappointed at not getting more of a breakdown as to what the issue was. Now whilst I appreciate that this may not be standard practice amongst the ‘larger brands’, I can’t help but feel from a customer satisfaction point of view that this could not be explored in the future. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just happy the problem appears to be fixed (touch wood); I guess it’s just the natural curiosity in me. Also a curiosity as to whether I did anything or contributed to doing anything wrong. Rest assured the Speedy will be forever resigned to my safe, never to see the light of day again.

Now as this is the only time I’ve had to send a watch to be repaired, I’m curious as to whether this is just standard practice for Omega or whether this is standard across the board. So, I’m hoping that as you, the reader may have a different point of view or different experience about a repair. Whether you got a detailed breakdown of what work was actually done or even if you got the faulty pieces back (I didn’t for the record, however, I just assumed you would do), I’m curious to hear of what the #watchfam experiences were. So, as always, answers on a postcard guys.

So, onto the bit that everybody really only cares about, the top pictures of the week!! Literally diving right into it with @mr._pimpi with a stunning half-submerged shot of his Orient. The combination of the water in contrast with the bracelet just makes this shot! Sweet work!

Martins of Glasgow Watch Servicing and Repair

The confidence shown by @sandwichtimechannel not only in his mashing up skills but also in incorporating the greatest (in my opinion) multiplayer game of all time was nothing short of exemplary. Mashing up the vintage Sea master watch from the hit game Goldeneye with the current version was just genius. Utter genius.

@watchmakers_view really does take some simply amazing shots, particularly with his use of lighting. This week’s submission is no different, cleverly mashing up two of the same IWC models with different coloured dials to create this day/night effect. Very coolly done buddy!

Man, I do love an El Primero, it’s definitely in the running to be my next piece. So, the submission by @that_watch_guy did nothing to quell my desire with a lovely swipeable shot of his Zenith Chronomaster. Just beautiful!

Without getting too much into the ‘LEGO’ vs. ‘LEGOs’ debacle, @katlen.watches.life digs her way back into the top pics this week with a phenomenal shot of her Speedmaster with a contrast-y workman-type scene. Beautifully done Kat.

If we didn’t see the light with some of the other top pictures this week, @maxx_vdv certainly helped us to see it with a lovely shot of his Seiko 5 against the foredrop of a flame, almost guiding us to the treasure behind. Lovely shot chief!

@peter2704 then decided to go all half macro on us with a gorgeous shot of his Alpanist. The gold details against that green dial just get every time. Sweet shot Peter!

Looking through @_.down.time._ page and you can see an some of the cleanest and attractively minimalistic shots I think I’ve ever seen. This week’s submission is absolutely amazing. Simply capturing his Timex in a leaf, giving a very Fall-like feel to his shot. Stunning shot!

Finally, continuing with the autumnal theme is @fadedbezel, who captures a Panerai against a lovely green contrast-y background. All in, just wonderful to look at!

Well, that’s about all the time we’ve got for this week. Once again thank you again to everyone who submitted this week, as always it’s so very much appreciated. Hopefully ill be back to bore you all once more in a couple of weeks, once my shoulder has been reconstructed and is on the mend. Until then, I’ll be back…

Yours in horology