Scottish Watches Podcast #96 : The They Steal From Us We Steal From Them Q and A Episode

Turning clickbait up to 11 with Rolex a Q and A and my new tractor

the Rolex bubble is still doing good business, except for us.

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

I am still wearing the Autark from Horage, no money has changed hands but Katlen has proved herself weak and relented

and bought the Stowa

Then it is time to upset some Americans, but let us make it clear we were never Roman slaves…just those northern English softies.

Rikki has some new watches.

Has Mr Caseback Watches been listening to the podcast? if you are reading this and want some deep background on my co-host Rikki, fro your expose let me know.

will they ask in years to come if the signs should have been obvious?

Declan has a new watch and very nice it is, currently, the time is 50:08



Do you want to take part in our year-end review, chose an episode and tell us the best bits, but what best watch should Rikki wear to JLC? It will be this, don’t know why we bothered talking about it

Then time to talk a wee bit Bremont, Ronnie Wood Ltd editions individual hand-painted

Do we think that all of these watches exist?

Or maybe the set of dials shown in the same watch case?

Q and A time

Now some shadier schemes.



Is this the correct watch? is this a new watch? Are we all reporting old news?

Update on Hong Kong and watches….and the fight for democratic rights including the right to party!

We think this boy is at it, what do you think, check out our comments.

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Enjoy the show.