Scottish Watches Podcast #94 : Recorded In Front Of A Live Audience

Show notes, show notes, wherefore art thou show notes?

….”what is in a name thy shownotes?”… they are then

A show recorded in front of a live audience, and to be fair it could have been worse.

Scottish Watches and Bark and Jack

We have Floatlite and Posh Boy Adrian, who joins us from the Rolex Clickbait world championships.

Obviously this is the main topic of conversation.

Wrist Watch Checks, Adrain has a Sub on, while he manipulates the market, then we get somewhat distracted by politics.

The Trumpster has an Air King on and his wife a Speedmaster and Jonathan from EWC has an opinion also.

We have two new Swatch watches, and can I take this opportunity to explain to the three people that read these notes that Vat rules are very complicated around used watches and exporting them, you are dealing with Vat Margin Scheme and this means it is not as simple as watches bought new and full retail, have a look at any good auction house for details of rules.


Rolex have finally caught up with Strapcode and are chasing a number of others

including these guys

Check these guys out though

Then it is time for Lume Wars… Seiko V Panerai

Obviously the Panerai wins….because I am writing the show notes.

Now we have the Horage….I like it, Adrian has taste, the rest of you I do not know.

Check them out, it is really nice, they were all drunk at 4:30 in the afternoon

We will have some more from Horage soon…maybe

Now Redbar, we might be auctioning an appearance on the Podcast, or indeed the whole shooting match

Dave gives us his opinion on the new G-Shock but you should check out our article on it also

..and yes I said Seiko…

… and Yes Dave said he didn’t like an Omega release, which you will be able to buy from here soon.

Enjoy the show we did..