Scottish Watches Podcast #83 : Bremont, Rolex and Our First Scottish Watches Event

Two of us today, and I have learned to use GIFs so now no one is safe.

Where on earth do you learn about emojis?

I am still surviving, full recovery is expected, so nae luck.

Scottish Watches and Fears Watch Company

We talk Bremont and the H-4 or the H4….who can tell

Is this “simply the best” Bremont our more “outhouse than inhouse”?

or would you rather have, both of these?

But Seiko as well as having the above has also released some watches causing a bit of a stir, read an opinion piece here

…and while we are at it check out the Fears article.

Time for some phone calls!!

This Week….U-Boat…..

Now some actual watches.

Not the only oil filled watch this week…Q-Timex

The first Scottish Watches evening is on its way and it will feature Mappin and Webb, Tudor and Redbar

Then we follow up on the whole women and mechanical watches, hopefully without upsetting too many people. Give @nathaliewheldon a follow.

Rolex are selling loads of gear….sorry watches, while LVMH group are possibly using some gear to get over their numbers, does that count as an “administrative expense”?

Shout out to TBWS……from now on, we are running “audio wrist checks” and we are all doing “watch fasts” and out TM registration is in the post.

Rant time….watch companies….you don’t have any environmental credentials, you make goods that are completely superfluous, just stop it, now….

except for Maurice Lacroix….who?

From the mouth of Mr. See-k-oo, we get a repronunciation of Rado, but that is not the main thing we found while going online looking for Rado…..

turns out Rado is the largest watch YouTube channel……ever….@wikiwatchleaks  this one is for you.

Starting them young,….and join the facebook group.

Finally Go Clemson, ra ra ra.

Enjoy the show!