Scottish Watches Podcast #81 : The Naked Truth

Just the two of us for this show, loads to talk about following on from the last show with Martin Walport.

We talk about the things we didn’t include in last week’s show, remember to leave your phone number.

This week we are mostly wearing Fears and our birthday suits, I am sorry I asked.

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Worth seeing this for the second time

and this, you can check out the article here.

Any time you see Omair do talk to him about his bund straps.

First up in full watch chat we have the Tag Heuer story, check out our article here, do you know anything, no one else is speaking about it.

oh what is this I see…Hodinkee selling Tag.

Now check this out, nope I had never heard of them either.

Bonkers Wow.

Then some Baselworld chat and looks like 2021 is going to be all change again, but no sign of my new favourite returning, Breitling.

How can you resist unscrewing that emergency cap?

Check out the first #halfwatchtuesday  broadcast with Nodus, more to come.

Shout out to some of our best reviewers, want yours readout leave us a funny 5 star rating.

You have no idea just how close these are!!!!


Anniversary chat now and some new store chat also.

Rox is going big, but is it too big for Glasgow?

AP has also made some big noise this week with their new turnover figures, but the rest of the overseas watch world is not doing quite so well.

Time for some tech talk but its really marketing talk, from these guys Favre-Leuba, but you really need to read the original article here, do the two examples sound a bit odd to you?

Then we talk about tapping straps, Rikki is not impressed, Luddite.

Talking of Luddites, have you checked out Tenn & Two, we are on soon, will lower the tone somewhat, while Hodinkee is raising the tone further by promoting Joe Thompson to Exec editor, just call them all Vice-presidents and be done with it.

Then some plans for the Grand Seiko, Hodinkee and Redbar event, get those Invictas out you have been challenged, though I might be wearing this instead if Simon at James Porters is willing.

Then some freebies from GiGi from @timetotalk_watches check his IG and channel out.

Gigi do you own Unimatic?

Enjoy the show!