Scottish Watches Podcast #47 : A Tale of Two Rickys

We read out your 5 star reviews, keep em coming, the funniest will get read out and we promise to continue to know nothing about watches, and thanks Clockbait for the review.


We ask is it appropriate to use jubilee clips to keep your trouser legs (that’s Pants for the Yanks) away from your bike chain and do you need to pay Rolex for the privilege.

Scottish Watches and Edinburgh Watch Company

Rikki has been to a retro games cosplay something or other and talked watches, and played Afterburner, and then bought a 14″ CRT TV (yeah but it’s a Sony Trinitron one)

(Steven let us know it is in fact a Seamaster Planet Ocean chronograph)

We do our usual film review and spot a watch easter egg, we also decide to award ourselves the title of the biggest watch podcast in Europe, while we play “whats in my imaginary watch box”.


We talk Swatch Flymagic and Kiddies Panerai, go and pay a visit to Swatch in Buchanan street, great folk, while Rikki worries either his car is broken or about to be bombed.


Watchfinder has now opened in Glasgow or have they? is it just that they already don’t want to speak to us?

We review the follow-up video from the Last Watch Youtube channel which was all about his buying experience of a black bay 58

Still not convinced we have the full story on this.

If we are going to spend all this time promoting watches in Scotland it would be most useful if ADs could train their staff properly.

Then it is time for Tim and TGV! and with a Scottish slant.

You need to look at this article and this video, next time at least do it live, just for giggles.

News : Patek And anOrdain Enamelling TGV Can’t Tell Them Apart Can You?

Compare and contrast.

This is the article and Ian McEwan is the author.

To round it off we talk some new Seikos

Enjoy the show!

Ok, ciao!