News : Patek And anOrdain Enamelling TGV Can’t Tell Them Apart Can You?

We have been strong “pluggers” of the work at our friends at Glasgow based anOrdain and the fabulous work they do with their enameled dials which have been celebrated far and wide by all who have seen them. As a result, I am personally very familiar with their website and all the great photography they have produced to support their sales and marketing efforts.

While the guys and indeed girls at anOrdain are wonderful I think they may even admit that their approx £1000 watches are not yet in the league of the Patek Worldtimer at Circa $125,000.

It was then with a bit of a surprise today that when watching the latest from the now Watchbox owned, Urban Gentry Youtube channel that at one point (that point being exactly 3.41 into the video)

That I thought hold on a minute all this Patek stuff is great but I am sure that picture has been lifted from anOrdains website?

A nice wee screenshot.

James Porter and Son


It did not take very long to find the original at

So there we have it you can buy a Patek Philippe for £100K + or an anOrdain for a grand and both have enamelling worthy of each other, it appears that Tristano could not spot the difference.

Some may remark that this is not the first time that TGV has apparently used images, commercially, without the permission of the copyright owners, more here. I checked with the owner of anOrdain who confessed he had vaguely heard of TGV…” is that not something to do with the French railways?”

Anyway, life is too short, perhaps a payment in kind to anOrdain fo say that Patek 5131J would resolve any issues, or maybe a dedicated anOrdain video to TGV 300,000+ followers?

One or the other should be fine.

Ok, ciao!