News : Get Your Rolex Now With A 10 Year Warranty

The newly publicly traded Watches Of Switzerland Group have continued to make announcements, not just saving them up pre IPO, and this one is a biggy.

We have covered before the rivalry between Rolex and Omega in extending their warranty periods from a paltry 2 years now to 5 years (remember Anordain, of Scotland, did it first!) and JLC playing “top trumps” and now offering 8-year warranties.

Now WoS have decided off their own backs to up the ante and so now if you buy your Rolex from any of the WoS Group from 3rd June, after your Rolex warranty runs out after 5 years WoS Group will see you right for the next 5 years.

The usual terms and conditions will, of course, apply, though we cannot actually find the detail of what these are, just the usual “wear and tear” type exclusions.

Scottish Watches and Moritz Grossmann

WoS and CEO Brian Duffy are no mugs and clearly know from their own vast market analysis selling Rolex that the number of Rolex warranty repair issues they are likely to see between year 6 and tear 10 that would cost them to provide this service is insignificant in comparison to the marketing advantage they feel this gives them.

On that basis, it will probably not be long before we see other Rolex ADs doing similar the question is will anyone be brave enough to offer such a warranty on any other brand other than Rolex?

Will the absence of any other Brand or AD represented brand doing similar just further underline both the deserved and conceived quality of Rolex timepieces?

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*editors note one particular wag @warren.snook has already made the humorous observation that perhaps the warranty starts at the point of order?